Dealing with the Golden Acorn

You last saw the Golden Acorn in July, when I was thoroughly fed up with it. Since I’d got so engrossed in stitching that I’d neglected to pay attention to the details and had to unpick the lot, when I came to re-stitch I decided to put in the braid stitch in silver first. I […]

Tudor and Stuart Goldwork Masterclass – Bonus Instructions

There was a set of Bonus Instructions in the instructions for Month Fifteen, from a teaching project that Tricia had retired from use. She was asked whether she’d produce kits of the materials for those of us who don’t have easy (or even difficult!) access to a really good needlework shop. Yet again, apparently, demand […]

The Tulip Slip Pincushion is Finished

I have finished the Tulip Slip Needlework Nibble. I used a sewing machine to attach the silk brocade backing to the silk velvet front, because my fingers were still shredded from finishing the Floral Glove Needlecase, and the velvet was very hard to stitch. The amount of stuffing needed for even quite small items never […]

Tudor and Stuart Goldwork Masterclass – Update on the Tudor Pincushion

I’m making reasonably good progress with the Tudor Pincushion which is part of the Tudor and Stuart Goldwork Masterclass. The silkwork was finished a while ago, and now there are several different isolated stitches, and a continuous border. I’m not using the real metal thread for this. I rather like the rich, vibrant colour of […]