Two Amarna Princesses – the results of thought

Layout With Cushions

Layout With Cushions

The felted cushion fragments worked rather well, surviving the cutting out procedure so that I could start to play with the layout. Prints of the images I’d used to hand, I fiddled happily for quite a while.

This isn’t quite what I ended up with, but you can see how vividly the colours play off against one another. Very promising!

Drapes Attached

Drapes Attached

The first stage was to attach the drapery assembly to the background. This is where the experimental nature of my needlefelting may come back to bite me, because there is a risk that I have taken it too far, and that I will finish with a completely destroyed background.

However, the goldeny-mustardy-yellow wall shows through a bit, which is what I want, as that helps to make the connection with the frescoes at Amarna as they are found by archaeologists – fragile and fragmentary, only a hint of their former glory. I may have to hand-needlefelt some of those little squares, as they’re not as well attached as I would like. I don’t want them falling off at some time in the future!


  1. I love this piece! So vivid en cleverly done :).

  2. Lady Fi says:

    Love those colours!

  3. I agree with Lady Fi – I love the colours!

  4. This is such an interesting journey and you have made great progress. Vivid colours and nice design.

  5. Catherine says:

    What bright and vibrant colours! I love how this is coming along and I hope everything works out with the background and your experimenting! Certainly a worthwhile experiment I would say.

  6. jenclair says:

    I do like the colors, but I especially love all of the textures!

  7. Sue Jones says:

    The cushion fits in very comfortably, and the whole piece is suddenly coming together now. I think this one is going to be well worth all the effort you’ve spent on it. All the patterns really sing.

  8. Terrie says:

    Clear and vivid colours. Pretty!

  9. Alex Hall says:

    This is working so well and it has been really interesting to go on the design journey with you. Thought processes are often as fascinating as the stitching.

  10. Lin says:

    You are such a temptress! Snippets of this and that. Colours looking great. xx

  11. Deepa says:

    Excellent!! I am already loving it .

  12. Carolyn Foley says:

    It looks balanced. Very nice.

  13. The intricacy of this is just amazing with all the tiny details. And I do love the colors.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week’s Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!

  14. Melissa says:

    I love the gorgeous colors! I think the original painter would have, too.

  15. Susan says:

    Oh, that turned out really well! I like the way it looks behind them.

  16. Karen says:

    This is looking great, Rachel. I love the colour scheme.