Current Travelling Project – Transfer Tablecloth

You may recall that I started on a tablecloth using a Briggs Transfer, as my “travelling project“. I’ve not travelled much, so progress has been somewhat spotty, but when the weather turned very warm while I was playing with my embellisher, I set the wool aside to pick up the tablecloth.

Harebells Perhaps

Harebells Perhaps

I suppose these might be harebells or bluebells or something similar?

I’ve worked them in Vandyke Stitch, which creates a strong central rib on each petal. It can be a tricky stitch to get just right, because tension makes a huge difference, and I may have worked them a little too tightly.

I’ve also changed each of the four appearances of this figure – there are two colours, and the disposition of those two colours isn’t quite the same in any two. It made it more interesting to stitch!

Buds, Maybe?

Buds, Maybe?

The next set of sprigs was this design element, and for this I went very old school and traditional – buttonhole wheels!

Furthermore, I used the same idea as with the harebells (if that’s what they are). This time, three colours. The one nearest the stem always dark, the furthest from the stem always light, the other two different on each of the sides of the tablecloth.

These two sprigs went swiftly. One heatwave, and they were done.

Blue Flower

Blue Flower

This blueish-purple flower won’t be so quick. The inner petals are in closed herringbone stitch. I’m getting better at that, but it is a time consuming stitch and I sometimes tie myself in knots still.

The outer petals are in Basque Stitch, another one that I sometimes tangle. It’s pretty, and creates an intriguing effect. I’ve worked both petals from the base to the time, which produced a few odd contortions. But when it works, I think it’s lovely!

It’s also one of my 17 UFos for 2017 – see Meredithe’s post for more!


  1. Lady Fi says:

    Such pretty blue flowers and buds.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Beautiful work. I love how you have worked the blueish-purple flower, combining closed herringbone and basque, very effective.

  3. Susan says:

    I really like this, and love the descriptions you give of what you are doing. Since I’m not sure what a harebell is, I’ll call it that, because I don’t think it looks particularly bluebellish. Whatever they are, they are all wonderful. I don’t think the first ones are too tight – at least as far as one can tell in the picture. They look just right, and I like the center ridge.

  4. Catherine says:

    It’s always nice to have a different project to pick up every now and then, and this one sounds like it has the added bonus of you being able to practise less regularly used stitches. Your blue colours are lovely! I quite like how you are working the last flower – it is worth the contortions!

  5. The idea of having 17 UFOs is, frankly, scary to me!! I think I have 2 at the mo as I just finished up a baby cardy today: my eternal paradise island xs and my black, chunky cardy. I do have a fair few small projects planned….

    I sympathise with the travel project problem. Not only do we rarely travel these days, but when we do, I wouldn’t have time for stitchery. 🙁

  6. There is armchair traveling, so why should there not be armchair (or sewing studio) stitch traveling?
    Good choice of stitches for each flower. I especially like the Vandyke with its central rib.
    You make such beautiful things.

  7. Carolyn Foley says:

    Vandyke stitch is so versatile and as I am off on the road (rather flying away) soon I am going to have to think of what I can legally take with me. Great piece. And 17 UFO’s, at one time I had over 50!

  8. Lin says:

    Beautiful stitching Rachel and a lovely variety of stitch too. xx

  9. Terrie says:

    Always love to read your blog with variety of stitches. Thus is really 3D effective. Love it,

  10. Karen says:

    These are such pretty stitches, and I really like the colour scheme. Those buttonhole wheels are very effective and beautifully done.

  11. Wendy says:

    This is looking lovely. Those harebells are beautifully stitched