Floral Glove Needlecase Course Month Five

The Cuff of the Floral Glove Needlecase

The Cuff of the Floral Glove Needlecase

I’ve had an exasperating time with the Floral Glove Needlecase since you saw it last, what with unpicking and reinstating the gold lace (fx: growl!), and wrestling with the silk ribbon ruffle, which had to be gathered up and attached across the bottom in a sort of squiggle.

However, when I finally got all that sorted out, I screwed my courage to the sticking-point, gathered my wits, picked up my glue-pot, took a deep breath and finished assembling the separate ornamental cuff of the Floral Glove Needlecase.

The Back of the Cuff

The Back of the Cuff

So here is the cuff lining. I know that the felt isn’t centred. I was sure that it was on the brocaded silk, but by the time I had tweaked and stretched and glued, that was the best I could do. As someone who is clumsy and awkward with glue I would have prefered a slightly wider margin of fabric around the card shape, which would have made it easier for me to handle.

The front and the back (stretched over batting, heavy interfacing, and light card) are attached to one another by overcast stitching. I used a strand of one of the silk threads from the embroidery – that seemed the best way of being consistent with the materials used.

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m not good with glue and scissors, so I was worn out when I finished, and I know it isn’t perfect, but it does look pretty good, especially from a reasonable distance!

At this point Tricia’s instructions say – I  kid ye not! – “Sit back and admire!“.

So I did.


  1. Mam says:

    Glory hallaluiah!

  2. Action Ma'am says:

    Oh frabjus day!

  3. Jan says:

    It’s gorgeous!! You deserve admiration, so sit back and enjoy the comments.

  4. Elmsley Rose says:

    It’s *beautiful* !!!!!! 🙂

  5. karen says:

    it looks gorgeous. Have you ever seen the book Gardening With Silk and Gold by Thonasina Beck?? It is crammed with beautiful images and your work reminds me of it very much.

  6. Jane says:

    Quite lovely, jane

  7. Janice says:

    I hope you spend a goodly time sitting back and admiring, because it is bery admirable indeed! A wonderful achievement, and I know you’ve learned such a lot from doing it.