The Felucca

Sailing Felucca from an Egypt Exploration Society photograph

Sailing Felucca from Egypt Exploration Society photograph

The photograph here is a close up from one of those that the Egypt Exploration Society made available to me, and shows a Nile felucca in passage with a cargo.

Mary Chubb describes in her book the expedition’s arrival at the site on a felucca, one of the traditional sail-driven freighters of the Nile and Eastern Mediteranean. As she also mentions in the book (when they go on a tour of the Pyramids on first arriving in Egypt) that she is somewhat claustrophobic, it seemed to me that an open sailing vessel and the broad sky over the Nile were probably very important to her. As the felucca also took their finds back to Cairo for inspection by the Museum Director, it was very important to the Expedition as well.

So clearly the felucca should figure at least once in my Dreams of Amarna panels! Equally, however, I need to develop the styles of embroidery I will use for the panels and their assorted images. So I am never sure, when working on these small elements, whether they will end up as part of the final piece or not.

I’ve not even started stitching the Felucca yet, but I have decided that it will be another experiment. I am going to try to stitch the whole thing using straight horizontal stitches. This should emphasize the breadth of the space, which would have been so important to Mary. I am not going to attempt to fill the space, either, so the picture will look slightly sketchy, rather like a photocopy of a memory, perhaps.


  1. Lady Fi says:

    Oh, how I’d love to sail down the Nile in a gorgeous felucca!

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