A Pause In The Modern Stitch Off

From The Back
From The Back

I’ve reached a sort of sticking point with the Modern StitchOff project, so I’ve decided to pause and think about it.

I took the blanket outside (all four and three-quarter pounds of it!) and hung it on the washing line to stare at, and photograph for you.

This is the reverse side – that is, the side you don’t see when sitting at the embellisher, trying not to break needles.

From The Front
From The Front

This is the front. It can be quite fluffy – the hexagonal net keeps fibre in place while embellishing, but at the cost of sometimes failing to realise it hasn’t been firmly enough attached. I’m learning that I need to make a first pass with the net, trying to be thorough, but then take off the net and go over the same area again.

I’m also noticing that although I used two different types of felt for the leaf shapes, and they behave differently under the needles, the effect on front and back is sufficiently similar that in future I will pick the felt which felts easily (if you follow me!).

The reverse has a rather intriguing spotty effect. When there’s only one layer of embellishing it is easy to see that it is one tiny dot of colour for every needle (which makes sense!). The front varies rather more, sometimes flat and densely textured by the needles, sometimes fluffy and fly away.

My challenge now is to work out how to extend the colour and texture to the rest of the blanket, and then to decide, do I add some lines of roving, and if so, how. Although if anyone suggests using a hand-embellisher, my howls of outrage will be heard by NASA’s “Juno”!

12 thoughts on “A Pause In The Modern Stitch Off

  1. 4 3/4 lbs! And there is still more felting to be added! It’s going to be a monster! I can see the difference between the pieces that felt easily and those that don’t. So that is at least one of the learning points from this project. As for how you will progress the rest… there are so many possibilities and it will be fun to see which way you take it. Sounds like you’ve learned a lot, and will end up with a blanket suitable for the next Ice Age!

  2. You deserve an award for getting it as far as the washing line! Felt is more contrary than they would have us believe. I do like the heathery effect on the reverse.

  3. When I needle felt by hand, I start with great care, become careless, and end up with punctured fingers. Every time! The colors in this are beautiful, Rachel.

  4. Its beautiful – on both side. Never fear I don’t think any of us will be urging you to use a hand embellisher any time soon *smile*.

  5. Even in the photos it has such a tactile feeling. Although in this weather the thought of working with nearly 2kg of blanket makes me feel hot!

  6. I like both sides. That’s really heavy! I enjoyed reading your process. Best of luck with your finishing techniques. I don’t want to hear you howl, so I’m not making any suggestions. LOL

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