Rusty The Dragon

First Layer Completed
First Layer Completed

I did comment that the laid and couched work romps along, and once I got going, it really didn’t take long at all to finish the first layer.

In the interests of being sure of having enough thread to complete the Dragon, I used two shades of rust-coloured wool for his body. The underlayer of surface satin stitch is worked using two strands – making it possible to blend the threads – while the couching stitches are worked using a single strand.

Looking once more at Tanya’s Dragon on the Flickr Group, I realise that I’ve not quite followed her stitching angle in all places. but I’m very happy with how the first layer turned out.

Detail Added
Detail Added

Once the first layer is done, there are details to be added.

And my goodness, what details!

There was a slight false start, because the creamy-white was too light, the wrong texture, and simply looked wrong.

Since the details are worked in split stitch, the necessary unpicking was a severe trial. However, the combination of a pair of tweezers and my brand new embroidery scissors from Ernest Wright and Sons Ltd (bought when I heard of them following a BBC article) made it as easy as it could be (still not very easy, though!).

I finally picked a creamy shade, lighter than pale yellow I used for his crest, but in the same family. It turned out really well, and even his green teeth don’t detract from his charm. He looks a very genial fellow, and I’ve named him Rusty.

15 thoughts on “Rusty The Dragon

  1. I think he’s a delight: so friendly and cheerful, despite green teeth and claws and all.
    I also used two close shades rather than one for most of the initial layer on my version – it gave my too-modern acrylic yarn that necessary bit of oomph.

  2. Oh, he is WONDERFUL!!! I can’t imagine picking out the split stitches — that would be one of those ‘oh forget it’ moments in my creativity *smile*. You’ve done a beautiful job as always.

  3. He’s marvelous! Dragons are a huge favourite of mine and Rusty’s a treasure. Absolutely love him! (also well done on getting the Earnest Wright Scissors – I saw that article too but sadly did not get to them at the NEC this year.)

  4. What a wonderful dragon? And your details give him a real personality. Quite fierce.

  5. He’s adorable! It can be so hard to get nice expressions for animals, but he looks a real sweetie!

  6. I was just looking on the Ernest Wright site. They have golf hole trimming scissors. LOL.

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