Continuing the Exploration

The next panel, I decided, needed a little more variation in colour. The thread is a 12-strand overdyed stranded cotton from Stef Francis, and I’ve had it for so long (like the canvas) that I don’t know when I got it or what I had in mind for it at the time!

The stitch is Moorish Stitch, and again it is voided, leaving unstitched the row of tent stitches that alternate with the larger stitches under normal stitches.

I went back to Jo Ippolito Christensen for the next stitch, Medieval Mosaic Stitch, and with the alterations I made it looks most unexpected. As diagrammed, it is almost a variation on Florentine stitch, with a thick-and-thin ribbon of stitches running across the piece. In choosing the section to void, I picked the two small stitches that form the “thin” part, and as a result, that element has been completely obscured, and it looks like a classical woven pattern. That effect is enhanced by the fact that I picked two shades of coral to use up, hoping that they’d last to the end if they shared the burden. They did!

At this point, I think I have nearly enough stitched to make the sunglasses case I hope for, so I have mirrored the first section with another that leaves only one crossing-point voided. This is Staggered Crosses, and under normal circumstances there would be two different sizes of cross stitch contrasting with one another. I rather like this version, though!

Now I need to work out what form the glasses case will take, and what colour I’m going to back the canvas with, since it’s going to show…


  1. Sue Jones says:

    You want a dark backing to show the stitches. How about a very dark peacock green silky lining?
    The voiding has worked beautifully on each pattern sample. The Moorish stitch, particularly. This is why I like counted thread embroidery: the fun of playing with patterns and exploring the effect of tiny changes in stitch or spacing.

  2. This is beautiful work Rachel, I’m particularly enjoying the mix of stitches. The choice of threads against the dark canvas also works very well, and using up supplies is so satisfying.

  3. With the voids you can enjoy each section of the individual patterns, the different threads and colours have a very pleasing effect, and at the same time sets each section apart.
    I, too, would opt for a very dark fabric to back the canvas with.
    I am sure the sunglass case is one that will be much admired.

  4. Carolyn Foley says:

    I love all these patterns and the stitches.

  5. Amo says:

    Thank you for a couple of ideas for my Frankenfabric! 😃

  6. Alex Hall says:

    That’s so successful – especially the trellis-like pattern of the Medieval Mosaic Stitch and the Stef Frances variegated thread tones perfectly.

  7. Jillayne says:

    I like the effect of the voided areas in your design – they set off the designs you’ve chosen and let the multi-coloured section stand strong. The bonus is the secondary patterns that develop throughout. I’ve done canvas work in the past but never using voids – brilliant!

  8. Beautiful stitching.