Reporting on the Christmas Angel

If you have been watching the videos, you will know how the Angel has been going, but it’s sometimes helpful to see things straight-on, which my videoing set up doesn’t achieve.

I got to the bottom edge and felt very pleased with myself – only to discover that not only was the top edge not done, but working the pattern in the other direction is slightly trickier than you might expect! It only slowed me down by a week or so, so not too serious… The next decision was about how to edge the angel, which edges, and with what. I’ve gone for a mixture of threads and cords so far, making different choices depending upon the sort of edge and how emphatic I want it to be.

Yes, I know I haven’t done the hair yet! I’m still not sure how, and I want all the gold done first, so I know what the hair has to deal with.

At the moment I have tacking stitches in place for the wing patterns, while I stare and try to decide which I want to do.

Any suggestions?

And while we all consider that, I can report that Episode 47 of SlowTV Stitchery is now live, in which we return to the Amarna Family Group to add some details, recollect the working of the Colossus of Akhenaten, and discuss needle choice and other technical aspects of the additional details.


  1. You always make such neat stitches!
    I must admit that I have never seen an angel wearing a cape/robe/mantle. My impression is that they only wear a long white gown, with slits (like armholes) for the wings to extend.

  2. Lin Tarrant says:

    A lot of beautiful work there Rachel. xx

  3. Jen Mullen says:

    Oh, all of those stitches! She’s coming along beautifully!

  4. Your angel is looking lovely, but Akhenaten’s stool is causing anguish isn’t it? I hope your Instagram images are signs of progress, though also indications of much thought and careful unpicking. You will be glad when you have finished and can say to yourself that, yes, it was worth the toil! You are achieving so much with such patient perseverance and beautiful stitching.

  5. Lady Fi says:

    Looking good!

  6. Carolyn Foley says:

    Her cape is lovely. I saw a comment about angels wearing long flowing gowns. I like the coats of feathers in the Medieval renditions.