The Stash Busting Footstool, 4

After a bit of thought and discussion, my mother suggested that for the last two panels, I should consider doing the same as on the far side of the central panel, but in a different set of colours. I had wanted to lighten the colours as they came away from the central panel, so that’s the scheme I used to pick the colours.

That, and making sure that I thought I would have enough of each colour to do both panels!

I then made things slightly harder for myself by deciding to line up the stripes across the central panels, but it was definitely worth doing. As I’ve said before, when upcycling, mending, or dealing with slightly not-entirely-planned projects, the whole secret is to make it all look deliberately planned – that’s why my mending tends to be embellished in a variety of ways.

Here is the finished canvaswork.

Actually, it isn’t. When I took it off the frame and took it to meet the footstool it’s intended for, I found it was an inch too short, in spite of what I believed to have been some careful measuring.

Clearly not careful enough!

I’m going to add half an inch to each end, and then consider the next step!

In other news, Episode 42 of Slow TV Stitchery is now live. In which I think I may have got to grips with the pattern, consider the adventures of Sir John de Mandeville, and consider the question of Music To Stitch To…


  1. Sheryl says:

    Very pretty Rachel, I love how you have organized the patterns and colours. Hope you will have enough thread to finish that extra half an inch each end.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Sue Jones says:

    Oh the frustration of being an inch out! My dad used to always say “measure twice, cut once”. Good advice, but with my ability to get things wrong, I tend to go for “measure thrice, check twice, cut once”. It doesn’t always work, but it certainly helps, as many a time I find the length hat I am carefully measuring is not the length that I actually need, as I have measured or calculated that length wrong at the outset. (If this extra width is going to be mostly hidden in the turnings, you can probably get away with a few fudges if the patterns don’t work out perfectly.) The (semi-)finished design looks good.

  3. Oh I do like that repetition of the pattern in a softer tone, it completes the design perfectly – I hope your extra inch can be accommodated with as much harmony.
    Your angel is looking marvelous as well – how lovely to see the winter sunlight making the gold sparkle. I have to ask who was singing in your Christmas playlist at about minute 4.40? The blending of voices was a delight. I also wonder whether “reverential” might have overtones of that dubious modern phrase “virtue signaling” – here we are singing with our very best holy voices and faces …
    My favourite “Christmas” album might not be quite to your taste, but it does embody the celebratory joi de vivre you so like in the medieval music, just a bit louder!! Perhaps the troubadours would have revelled in amplification though?

  4. Lin Tarrant says:

    Oh how annoying! I thought it was only me that did things like that. Looking great though. xx

  5. Jen Mullen says:

    The patterns and colors are beautiful. Everyone has a misstep once in a while. :\

  6. Lady Fi says:

    Love the pattern and colours!

  7. Carolyn Foley says:

    The pattern, colour and stitching are just right. I’m sure you will add the extra you need and it will be just fine.