Progress on a project long in abeyance

Playing With Greens
Playing With Greens

You may recall this tablecloth, which I won in a job lot of things in an auction on eBay, a long time ago. I regarded it as my “traveling project” for a while, but didn’t travel much, or when I got there, found I couldn’t settle to it, and it’s been lingering and hanging over my head rather. It may well be that the current situation will give me the opportunity to get it finished. It will make a change from the details of the Amarna Family Group!

So, since I’d forgotten what I’d planned (or if I’d planned!), I laid it out on the floor and played around with skeins of cotton, to see what I could come up with.

Basque Stitch
Basque Stitch

The way I’ve worked on the tablecloth is that as I’ve what to do with each motif, I’ve worked each instance, and that way the whole tablecloth advances at once.

The Basque Stitch of these leaves is rather more spaced out than in the previous appearance of that stitch in the tablecloth – spacing, as well as scale, plays a part in altering the appearance and emphasis of a stitch.

Coral Stitch Outline
Coral Stitch Outline

Coral Stitch is nice and simple. Such a nice rest…

Yes, I know the concept of or nué is simple, but the execution isn’t, believe me!

And, speaking of or nué, Episode 12 of SlowTVStitchery is up! Do go and have a quiet half hour with me…


  1. Lady Fi says:

    Nice work!

  2. Catherine says:

    This will be very pretty once you finish it! I think we’ve all got these so called ‘travelling projects’ that never progress much! It’s funny you’ve mentioned coral stitch. I’m currently working on a Crewelwork piece and couldn’t work out what stitch to use and settled on coral stitch. What a great stitch! I hope you’ve got some momentum going now to complete this piece.

  3. What a lovely piece, and a restful change from Amarna Or Nue I should think. I realise your stitching has progressed further than your videos, so hope you are happy with the way the little girls are emerging.
    I have never managed to keep up with embroidery while travelling, I think it’s partly because there’s other “stuff” happening, but also just being out of one’s comfort zone and never being organised enough to pack a proper stitch kit!
    Happy stitching

  4. Sheryl says:

    Oh yes, I have a couple of the so called `travelling projects´ I´m working on one right now. great Basque stitch and I like the contrast of threads next to the coral st.

  5. Lin Tarrant says:

    Thats an interesting project to work on – pretty. xx

  6. Carolyn Foley says:

    Oh these projects that we start and somehow take over our lives? I thought I would start some ‘travelling projects”. They are in a draw somewhere. You are doing far better than I.

  7. Jen Mullen says:

    Had to laugh at the “didn’t travel much” line. I used to have a few travel projects, but didn’t usually work on them. Now, I don’t travel at all. At least, not for months and don’t expect to for quite a while to come. On the other hand, a break from one project to work on another can be relaxing and energizing in a strange way.