Stitching #AHeart4MCR

I don’t usually join in “craftivism”, but I heard about this one just before the Bank Holiday Weekend and decided to. For those who haven’t heard of it, there is now a Facebook Group and if you search for the hashtag “AHeart4MCR” on Instagram or Twitter you will see plenty of responses. The outpouring of love and support for those injured or otherwise affected by the attack last week remains our best, and indeed only, useful response.

Let’s keep it up!

Embroidered Hearts

Embroidered Hearts

I sat happily stitching these felt hearts through all of Saturday afternoon. There’s nothing complicated about any of them, certainly not by my standards, but each is different, some stitched, some couched, and all the threads are either linen or silk. I didn’t make a pattern, thought, and I should have, because they were all a bit ragged and needed trimming!

Each heart is backed with a second layer of felt to hide any extraneous ends, and I have, as the originator suggested, attached hanging loops.

Crochet Hearts

Crochet Hearts

Then on Sunday, I fished out a crochet hook and thread, and rummaged on Ravelry for a simple crochet heart pattern via Ravelry and tried a trio of those too. You may believe it, but these are all the same pattern, and yet no two of them are alike.

However, they are the first crochet motifs I’ve ever made, and are full of good wishes for those who eventually receive them.



  1. Lady Fi says:

    Love those hearts!

  2. Mam says:

    There is always a feeling of helplessness when these dreadful things happen and this is a good way to share it. Aside from that, they are charming in themselves. The crocheted ones are a big surprise!

  3. Terrie says:

    Each is unique with touch of love.

  4. jenclair says:

    Love the hearts. They are a way to meditate and heal for the creator and a tribute for those who lost their lives or their loved ones.

  5. Catherine says:

    What a beautiful idea. They are really lovely and will be well received.

  6. Lin says:

    A beautiful idea and stitched with love. xx

  7. Carolyn Foley says:

    These events have touched people all around the world. I suspect they will be inundated with hearts.

  8. Erica Marsden says:

    Rachel, after the second, and devastating Christchurch earthquake, someone had the idea of making embroidered hearts which were distributed to people in Christchurch. There were suggested dimensions and we were asked to attach a piece of ribbon or cord so the gift could be hung from a door, cupboard or wardrobe. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a photo of mine. The sender could also write a message to be included when the heart was gifted – I wrote a prayer. So much love went into the making of those hearts by needle workers all over New Zealand. They were deeply appreciated by the receivers. You will never know who received your heart but you can be assured it will warm the heart of the recipient.

  9. Susan Nixon says:

    That’s a wonderful response. There’s nothing we can do to fix things, but comfort is always welcome.