Embellishing the Circles Skirt – Part Six

Crested Chain Stitch

Crested Chain Stitch

I managed some really close close-ups here! This is the Crested Chain Stitch on one of the small circles on the back of the skirt, on the flaring panels.

The thread is a very ordinary stranded cotton, used straight off the skein – although as you can see, a couple of strands are making a bid for freedom, even so!

This picture also gives you a sight of the rainbow of colours involved in the tweed fabric I used for this particular circle – isn’t it lovely to see!

Trailing Spiral

Trailing Spiral

The trailing spiral is high up on the front of the skirt, off to one side, and it was – in spite of the order of its appearance – one of the earliest elements which trailed off the circle and onto the fabric. I thought this would turn out to be quite important, to help link the various materials and create a cohesive whole. I had to work the spiral twice because the first time it barely showed at all. I’m all for the painter’s technique of “lost and found edges”, but there has to be something to find!

The purple chain stitch is there purely to make sure of the edges. If I had already bought the embellisher, I might have simply used that, very heavily, first.

Chainette Spiral

Chainette Spiral

I love using rayon chainettes in this sort of experimental embellishment. As a one-time specialist in the industrial production of “novelty” yarns, I have a sentimental attachment to chainettes, chenilles, and eyelash yarns.

This particular chainette was striped, which echoed the twill weave of the tweed very nicely. It was also a real trial to stitch with – hence the simple running stitch. I simply didn’t have the energy for anything else..


  1. Janice says:

    Yes, sometimes the simplest of stitches are all that’s needed, particularly when you have a lovely thread to do all the work for you! I do like the crested chain stitch though. 🙂

  2. Penny says:

    I really do love all these images. I too am a lover of yarns and chenille’s and eyelash are two of my favorites. This skirt is becoming a work of art.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Crested chain is such a versatile stitch and not used all that often. It looks great here.

  4. Jules says:

    It all looks lovely. I too have a secret hoard of yarns and chenilles; they get stroked sometimes….

  5. I have a collection of threads that I have acquired over the years – your posts give me lots of ideas for using them!

  6. I esp. like that first photo where we can see clearly all the different colours in the applied fabric.=) Looking forward to seeing the real thing in November….

  7. karen says:

    you have done very well getting such good close ups…..mastering photography too! Is there no end to your talents 🙂 I am struck by the colour choices offered by the tweed fabric in terms of embroidery thread….

  8. Lady Fi says:

    What lovely stitches – those circles are coming along nicely.

  9. Alex says:

    You really have been achieving some lovely and interesting effects with this skirt and that rainbow coloured tweed is quite astonishing up close! Liking the look of the crested chain stitch too.