The Circles Skirt

Layout For The Skirt

Layout For The Skirt

You may recall that I bought some rather gorgeous Donegal tweed at the Harrogate Knitting And Stitching Show, with the intention of embellishing a skirt. I decided that this time I would use simple circles, and cut some paper patterns in circles of different sizes, to decide on placement. Here is the result. Most of the drama is at the front, where the skirt is a simple A-line shape. The back of the skirt flares out a little in the centre, so the patterning tails out there, but the pattern is asymmetrical, which is why I’ve chosen to show you a sort of all-round view.

Skirt Partly Arranged

Skirt Partly Arranged

It seemed to me that the easiest way to decide what went where was to sneak up on it. I stared at the layout for a while, picked a fabric for a particular placement, cut it out, pinned it on in place of the paper circle, and then stared again. Repeat…

Skirt Layout completed

Skirt Layout completed

I’ve needlefelted the circles to the fabric – that seemed the best way to attach them more or less permanently so I won’t be stabbed with pins when I’m adding the embroidery. Now there will be a lot more cycles of staring at it and doing something, staring at it and doing some more.

And since the circles are firmly attached, I can in fact wear it now if I decide to!


  1. Jules says:

    It looks fab – and the needle felting was an excellent idea. You are indeed a fashion icon!x

  2. Well done! That’s coming along nicely. It even looked good with the ‘white’ circles.=)

  3. Lady Fi says:

    Oh, that is stunning!

  4. Tanya says:

    I think it’s pretty fab as it stands, without embroidery. Which is an odd thing for me to say, as I’m not normally known for minimalist tendencies

  5. Terriea says:

    Very nice transformation and bright look !

  6. Carolyn says:

    Love the idea of attaching the circles by needle felting the to the fabric. Look forward to seeing the embroidery, if you decide to add it.

  7. Megan Hodges says:

    What were you dancing to while you modeled it?

  8. karen says:

    is there no end to your talents?

  9. It looks great already! And I love the idea of “sneaking up” on the design 🙂

  10. Penny says:

    Oh my, this is really wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do with the embellishment, although its quite beautiful the way it it.