.. And Treat Those Two Imposters Just the Same

Well, not quite Triumph and Disaster (apologies to Kipling!), but when I was sitting hibernating with my canvaswork at the weekend, coughing violently but still somewhat exhilarated after a great Bloggers Meet Up in Bath (arranged and blogged by Jules of Adventures In Thread), I made a Dreadful Discovery.

Top And Long Sides Finished

Top And Long Sides Finished

This is the good bit. The top and the long sides of the footstool cushion are finished, and I am very pleased with the way it is looking. Before I assemble the finished piece, I will need to block the canvaswork, and straighten it up a bit, but that’s a minor matter.

Short Sides Too Deep

Short Sides Too Deep

This isn’t.

I’ve inadvertently made the short sides too deep, which means I have to unpick them and put them back the right size. Since I’ve already had to buy some more thread for this supposedly stash-busting project, so I was distinctly disgruntled by the prospect!

As it turns out, I think it won’t be too dreadful an experience. The unpicking I’ve done so far has gone fairly quickly, and I suppose I can at least regard it as a good thing that the project will take a little longer to complete. It will give me more time to think out the next stage!


  1. Janice says:

    Oh dear, it’s always horrible to have to unpick your work because of a mistake, when otherwise you think it’s looking good. Hope it’s soon done and you can move on to stitching pastures new.

    Regarding stash-busting projects … I have come to the conclusion they can never work! My crochet blanket was intended that way but I have since spent vast amounts of money on completing that and then progressing its follow-up, which was in part intended to use up the new remnants!

  2. Lady Fi says:

    Oh no – unpick it all! That’s too bad. It does look good though.

  3. coral-seas says:

    At least you realized before you cut it out to make up!

  4. Sue Jones says:

    Congratulations! You have passed the test. It was wrong, you unpicked it and you’re putting it right. It has taken some of us years to get to the stage where we just do it, without spending hours wondering how we might fudge the mistake to avoid taking out the stitches, and without throwing a tantrum in frustration. Award yourself a merit badge.

  5. I think I would have put the wrong ones aside, to be used in a future project, then worked the new ones …… I detest unpicking! I love the colours and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project.

  6. Cathy Daniel says:

    Very brave of you to put your mistakes up there for us all to see. Maybe I should do that too, as there are plenty of them! I make mistakes when I am so ‘in the flow’ that my concentration goes – which is a good thing and also a bad thing. I just did a plate with alternate red/green lettering, but at one point just stopped alternating … so it just becomes red lettering! Hey Ho! For me, unpicking it is about scraping off the glaze and re-glazing. Obviously if it gets fired before I realise, then it’s just too late to save! xCathy

  7. Penny says:

    Catching up here after our trip. Hope the picking and correcting is all finished and that you’re back in the groove. Never a pleasant task to go backwards – but it will be perfect in the end – as your stitching always is.

  8. Carolyn says:

    I think I would have just stitched new sections. I just don’t do reverse stitching, most of the time that is, there are exceptions. Often the mistakes just get binned, very wasteful I know but I like the crisp feel of the new. You are so brave unpicking and restitching.

  9. karen says:

    I admire your focus on the positives of unpicking!!