The Crock of Gold Hoard – The Ground And The Shadows

There’s been a frustrating hiatus in my stitching life of late – I’ve had tennis elbow, and have had to write up old embroidery projects for you instead of making progress on any of my current ones. I’ve been going stark, staring mad with frustration, because even holding a book has been painful.

Beginning The Shadows - Take Two

Beginning The Shadows – Take Two

However, I’m beginning to get back to it at last. Cautiously, so there will still be older projects interspersed with the current ones!

I’ve been doing a few stitches here and there while I’ve been trying to rest the elbow, as much as anything else to gauge my recovery (or lack of it, as it sometimes seemed!). So now you can see that I’ve nearly outlined all the shadows. There’s just the shadow inside the pot to deal with and it occurs to me that I might need to find some tarnished purl to create the effect of the shadow on the metal inside!

Close Up Of Sticks

Close Up Of Sticks

I’ve also made a start on the sandy effect seed stitches, in a small section between the pot and the sticks. That’s going to challenge my boredom threshold, even though I don’t intend to have the seed stitches all over the background!

This close up shows that I’ve also managed to fill in the first of the sticks, using split stitch filling. I need to add some highlights later, because as it stands it’s a little flat.

Still, it’s great to be back!


  1. Jules says:

    So sorry to hear about your tennis elbow Rachel, and delighted to hear you are able to stitch again. I can sympathise with your frustration! You’re obviously back in fine form, this looks great. I love the blue, stunning colour!

  2. ladyfi says:

    So sorry to hear about your tennis elbow.

    Hope you get back into the stitching very soon.

  3. Penny says:

    Ohhh what a frustration and pain (quite literally)! Hope you are soon on the mend. Meanwhile I love what you’re doing with this. I’m a huge fan of seed stitch for background.

  4. Poor Rachel! Hope all’s back to normal soon. =)

  5. I can sympathise – I once damaged a tendon in the back of my hand, and I was demented at not being able to do things. Your embroidery is beautiful!!

  6. elisabeth in CT says:

    Oh Rachel, an injury is one of the most frustrating experiences. However, the fastest way to recover is sometimes the ‘slowest’…give yourself the time off that your body is demanding. I’ve ‘been there’ with the tennis elbow and carpal cubital tunnel issues, and ‘done that’ with the taking it easy…but I tried too hard and too soon to make my comeback and consequently had a nasty relapse that left my ufo’s unfinished for a looooong time (as in months and years for some of them). However, I found my pain enforced ‘time out’ a good time to do the research for new ideas, and also for other ways to enhance the healing process – like diet, full body exercise and herbs. I go more slowly now, carefully check for when my body says ENOUGH already – and I STOP on demand, so I can start again sooner. Good luck and may you have a complete healing!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Tennis elbow is so painful and takes so long to get over. You can’t rush it just take your time. As to the embroidery, it looks wonderful.

  8. jackywllms says:

    Lovely to have you back stitching. I’m sure you were itching to get into your stitching again.
    I did enjoy your posts on Cecile…quite gorgeous your elephant!

    Jacky xox

  9. Sounds horrid – hope you recover soon. I have been doing some embroidery of my own on my first ever quilt that I made, but seeing yours makes me not want to put up any pictures of my humble efforts! I shall be brave though, and do a post on it before Christmas. Guess what – I even tried Split Stitch, but I didn’t like it as mine looked really scruffy, unlike yours! So I settled on good old chain stitch. Anyway – am in awe of your work even more now that I have had a dabble! xCathy