Petite Pincushion Finished

Petite Pincushion - Embroidery Finished

Petite Pincushion - Embroidery Finished

I said the Petite Pincushion had accelerated – it’s finished!

First here is a view of the finished embroidery, still stretched on the frame. You can see the zig zags of the the Hem Stitch on Ladder Stitch, the spirals of the Spider’s Webs, the intricate patterns of the Eight Sided Interlacing and the Figure Eight Interlacing, and the regular background texture of the Queen Stitches. Looks good, doesn’t it!

Making up the pincushion was relatively easy, especially after the Tulip Slip Pincushion and the Tudor Pincushion. The kit included a lovely piece of jacquard woven silk for the back, and Fine Grecian Twist to trim the pincushion. I backed the embroidered section with calico to keep the stuffing in – I couldn’t find silk in the right sort of colour (stash not big enough!) and the calico is unobtrusive. All the sewing was done by hand – I find it easier to do that than to get the sewing machine out!

Petite Pincushion Finished

Petite Pincushion Finished

Petite Pincushion Again

Petite Pincushion Again


  1. Well worked! That made up beautifully as well.=)

  2. Penny B says:

    A beauty…I’d never put a pin in it!
    By the way…so happy you’re a ‘Liebster’!

  3. Penny says:

    Its absolutely beautiful! I too would never poke it with a pin! *smile*

  4. Anita says:

    It’s beautiful..Congratulations!

  5. Elmsley Rose says:

    Congratulations! Lovely!
    Does this mean that you’ve officially finished the MasterCourse? Nicely in time for the casket course?

  6. Carol says:

    Fabulous work! Now I can’t wait to finish mine!

  7. It is lovely. The goldwork sets it off beautifully.

  8. Jan says:

    Tiny and perfect! You did a great job.

  9. karen says:

    oh I love, love, love it!! It’s a real treasure…so very special.

  10. Another beautiful work of art and skill, Rachel.

  11. It is absolutely beautiful!!

  12. Janice says:

    It’s gorgeous. Really love the shot with the cording.

  13. Mary Martin says:

    It’s gorgeous Rachel! I love it! Now that you’ve finished, have you started the Cap yet? I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. I’m chugging away at it very very slowly, but have really improved my DBH stitching. I thought I had trellis stitch down, but I lost it again. The Cap class is extremely challenging, probably the hardest stitching I’ve ever done.

  14. Alex says:

    ‘stash not big enough’ Now those are words you don’t hear often!!!!

    The pincushion is utterly gorgeous and the grecian twist a fabulous finishing touch. My only complaint – not enough photos!