Goldwork on the Petite Pincushion – Stage One

Petite Pincushion Detached Buttonhole

Petite Pincushion Detached Buttonhole

The diagram  in the instructions listed the goldwork stitches from the centre outwards, so that is the order in which I decided to work them.

The detached buttonhole stitch at the centre was worked in a very fine silver thread. It was terrifyingly lively and had a will of its own, which made it hard to be sure of what I was doing. Yes, I had the magnifier, but looking at the closeup, the stitches are not especially consistent in size or shape.

I also caught down the detached fabric in the middle of the long side – not a step listed in the instructions, but one which seemed sensible at the time.

Petite Pincushion Figure Eight Interlacing

Petite Pincushion Figure Eight Interlacing

The Figure Eight Interlacing stitch filled in the strapwork in the middle of each side of the panel. I really enjoyed working this stitch, and this element of the Petite Pincushion seemed to be finished in no time at all! And believe me, I’m very glad I worked the detached buttonhole stitch first. I shudder to think how that whippy silver thread would have caught around edges of these panels, which stand proud of the surface to a considerable degree!


  1. karen says:

    I love how this precious metal thread looks against the softer stitching….and you are far too hard on yourself, they look amazing to me.

  2. Janice says:

    Strange – the figure of eight interlacing stitch even looks like you enjoyed doing it! As for the silver (I love your description of the thread as ‘terrifyingly lively’!) – remember that if you have to use a magnifying glass or view via camera close-up shots to see any imperfections, then they are not really imperfections!!!

  3. Carol (DrMom) says:

    Beautiful! You are really moving along!

  4. Your stitching is so neat!! As for lively thread – I have been battling for days with ‘invisible’ thread …. that stuff has a mind of its own – as soon as you look away from the sewing machine, the needle unthreads itself!!

  5. This looks not unlike very fine crochet or needle lace; beautifully worked.

  6. Meandmykat says:

    Lovely work! The colours are perfect and so is your stitching. I bought some materials for goldwork but didn’t have time to get started. It seems so interesting to me that goldwork can be used for all kinds ofembroidery.

  7. It looks simply stunning – well done!

  8. Elmsley Rose says:

    Oh – those figure 8’s!!!!
    I’ve been talking to a friend about doing DBS (actually in Gilt Sylke Twist) in the small scale. Not a good thing, by the sound of it,.

  9. Lady Fi says:

    That gold thread looks lovely!

  10. Those figures of eight are very impressive and I think that the silver stitching looks fine.

  11. Alex says:

    Detached buttonhole in a lively thread! Even in something as ‘quiet’ as perle it can still be a bit challenging so I think you’ve done a grand job. The gold figure of eights look like little gold bar brooches. Lovely!