The Camberwell Panel – Fourteen

Final view

Final view

So at last, Finished!

By the time I had finished stitching it all I could nearly read Morse Code, even when it was running diagonally. The dedication runs from the bottom left anticlockwise around the picture – so the top border is upside down!

When I’d finished the whole dedication, and got to the left hand border I felt the end looked a little vague, so then I worked the little cartouche at the end of the left-hand border which contains my initials in Morse code. Somehow that provided me with the “full stop” the piece needed. The dedication itself already included the date, so I only had to sign it.

My cousin has had it beautifully mounted and framed in a box frame, and I gloat over it every time I visit her. Fortunately she loves it too, and she is going to write a guest post about framing and hanging the Camberwell in her house.

I also provided a booklet for her which documented all of the process of planning, designing, and working the piece, so there is a complete “provenance” attached to the piece as well.


  1. Fabulous! The morse code border is the perfect final touch. Your cousin is very lucky to have such a masterpiece, complete with the provenance/story of how this was born and was stitched. Great job. I enjoyed watching it all very much. Thank you for including us as you worked on this.

  2. Lady Fi says:

    Wow – the whole thing is amazing, but the most amazing thing is that Morse Code border! Awesome.

  3. Susan says:

    Congratulations Rachel! It’s a stunner! The whole thing…the morse code, the personal nature of the subject matter, the creative use of materials to “paint” the picture, the perspective…your sister must be thrilled! I can completely understand the gloating over it…this past weekend when I was at Maureen’s, she had a Christmas tree with a few of my ornaments from years ago…it was so nice to “visit” them all again.

    A huge pat on the back to you! Bravo!

  4. Well done! A finish is a wonderful thing.=)

  5. It looks fabulous – I’m just sorry I wasn’t reading your blog sooner to see it develop.

  6. Elmsley Rose says:

    Wonderful wonderful piece. But you know that I love it.

  7. Congratulations Rachel. What an original way to interpret your subject, it is terrific.

  8. Penny says:

    This is stunning. I LOVE the idea of providing a provenance — something many of us should do when creating something. Many people are not familiar with the work we do and it is nice to be able to pass along to them the techniques and steps that were used to create your work.

  9. Well done on finishing; it looks grand.

  10. Janice says:

    Magnificent from first to last! Very well done! I agree about the provenance too. I always sign, date and if appropriate dedicate larger pieces of work.

  11. coral-seas says:

    Congratulations on a splendid finish. I have loved watching this piece develop. The morse code boarder is facinating, put on a slant like that it almost looks like script in the picture. I am sure that your cousin must be delighted with it.

  12. karen says:

    it looks fantastic Rachel and are we talking about the same cousin here???

  13. Alex says:

    The perfect finishing touch. It reminds me of music. 😮