Grandmama’s Spectacle Case

Spectacle Case in Bargello

Spectacle Case in Bargello, worked for Grandmama

When I finished the Dragon Footstool I had some wool and some canvas left, and so I made a companion piece – a spectacle case so that Grandmama would be able to find her sunglasses in her handbag. That’s why it’s in the lighter colours.

It is a simple bargello pattern – in fact the simplest, most basic Florentine Flame pattern there is, and the charted initial is very simple too.

When I consider the range of stitches in the Dragon Footstool, I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t go for a more complex pattern, but I had painted the Dragon and this was charted – in fact, in the same book (The Readers Digest Guide to Needlework). Maybe that had something to do with it. I’ve always found charted pieces somewhat problematic. I have a tendency to lose interest in counting, which is a very bad idea in a charted piece  – in fact it is one of the reasons I have other projects going on while I’m working on the charted motifs for the Tudor and Stuart Goldwork Masterclass!

Grandmama was happy with it, anyway.


  1. karen says:

    your work is so methodical and excellently executed……the patience of a saint comes to mind…

  2. Lady Fi says:

    I love this piece – just wonderful!

  3. Mam says:

    Do you remember finishing off the lining as Grandmama walked through the door!

  4. Janice says:

    It looks good and thick, which are excellent qualities for keeping glasses safe, and I’m sure she loved it.