Beginning the Felucca

The Felucca On Turban Cotton

The Felucca On Turban Cotton

I’ve begun to work on the Felucca design I have already described. As I am not at all sure about the colours or the stitching that I will want on the final panels (remember this is to be a design element for the edging panels I described a little while ago), or even the scale, I am thinking of working this design several times on different fabrics, with different threads and at different scales, to see which one I like best. I’m sure I will find something to do with any leftover pieces of embroidery!

This version is about two and a half inches by one and a half inches, and it is worked on turban cotton, just like the fabric I used for my earlier experiment with the Dig House. I’m using similar stiff overdyed linen threads as well, but this time I have learnt from the trouble I had with the Dig House. The fabric has been hooped up over a piece of calico, and although it is slightly irritating to have two layers to stitch through, it has a lot more body and is much easier to stitch.

I’ve put the design onto the fabric using a transfer pencil and began with the sky, using a sort of irregular darning stitch. Then I realised that if I were to work the sails first it might be easier to fill in the sky afterwards. I’m not entirely sure about the thread I am using for the sails – it may be a little too pink – but I think it will be hard to be sure before I have finished. I have a dark blue-green thread that will do the Nile perfectly (I hope), and I will be able to run lines of stitching in the hull and sail colours into the water section to make reflections.

This might become my evening stitching until I have finished it. Although it is small, the colours are distinct from one another, and the stitches don’t have to be as precise as they would if it were a counted piece.

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  1. Action Ma'am says:

    I’m looking forward to the reflections!

  2. Jan says:

    I think this will turn out very well. If you’re going to be using an off-white background material, the pinkish sails will show up better. And you can just say that it’s sunset and the sails are reflecting that. Keep going – I love watching you create these little details.

  3. Elmsley Rose says:

    I know it’s a monitor image, but the sails don’t look too pink. What Jan said above….. 🙂

  4. Lady Fi says:

    I love the way this is taking shape!

  5. karen says:

    well I like the sail colour, almost as if they are white but a play of light gives them this tint.

  6. Janice says:

    I like your approach – do several and see what turns out best. And maybe the final one will include elements from each of the others. You can use them as birthday cards. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.