Floral Glove Needlecase – beginning the Finishing Process

Floral Glove Needlecase - Gold Lace added

Floral Glove Needlecase - Gold Lace added

I’ve been prevaricating on the finishing process for the Floral Glove Needlecase, because it will involve glue, and I’m clumsy with that sort of thing.

I’ve worked very hard on the embroidery, I’m quite pleased with most of it, and I don’t want to fall at the last hurdle!

Finally, however (largely because I’ve been blogging about it and felt I should finish what I started!) I’ve screwed my courage to the sticking point, printed out the instructions and promised myself I would read everything twice before starting any stage of it.

That’s one of the effects I hoped blogging would achieve – providing encouragement to finish things properly.  So I think we can count that as a success, can’t we!

What you see here is stage one of the fifth month’s instructions – adding the gold lace to the edge and around the tabs. This has actually been fairly simple, in that the lace has loops on the straight edge, and the whole thing is done with a single length. No joining ends to worry about, just making sure that the lace is neatly attached along the line, carefully controlled at the corners, and back-to-back on the lines separating the tabs.

I’m pleased with this. In real life it has a lovely sparkle and – yet again – the addition of further embellishment seems to have brought it to life even more.


  1. karen says:

    you are right to be pleased, it’s beautiful. The glue part would terrify me!! Yikes, I don’t think I would actually be able to do it! as for my thought process, yikes again, I am going to think about that but for now I would say that it’s mostly just instinct, automatic, auto pilot…I still have so much research from Uni ingrained in my brain that I don’t have to dig deep at all.

  2. Lady Fi says:

    So delicate and sparkly! Just lovely.

  3. Its looking gorgeous!

    Glue?! Where?

  4. Elmsley Rose says:


    And I’m no good with glue either. I swear I failed kindergarten, with all that cutting, gluing, crayoning (other kids used to complain I used up all the good crayon colours).

    I still stick unintentional things to other things, and end up with cat hairs in the mix…

  5. Janice says:

    It’s gorgeous, Rachel. I don’t think the glue would bring me to a halt but there are many other things that would. They need much contemplation, then a clear afternoon ahead, peace and quiet, cup of tea and finally courage!

  6. Action Ma'am says:

    Looking really impressive.

    Would it be possible to rehearse the gluing bits either with out glue or with glue using a printout of one of your pictures and scrap material? That might help your hands to get used to what they have to do.