Floral Glove Needlecase Course – Starting the Goldwork

The Rose Outlined

The Rose Outlined

The embroidery on the Floral Glove Needlecase is based around the tabbed cuffs of gloves which were often presented as gifts during the Elizabethan era. We’re only doing one side of one cuff, of course, but the additional historical material we get each month, with high-resolution pictures of some of the original gloves which remain in existence, give us a very fair idea of what Thistle Threads were aiming for!

There are several useful diagrams in the instructions showing where to start and end the gold thread, which is couched down with silk. Furthermore – brave lady indeed! – Tricia has even provided us with a view of the back of the embroidery. Miss Hunter would have looked at the back to check that it met her high standards – as students we are studying that photograph to try to garner more clues to how the work fits together. It gives a better idea of stitch lengths, for instance, because the eye isn’t dazzled by the goldwork and can study the couching.

It is very detailed, rather tiring work, so even with a good light (by the way – bright sunlight is not, in this context, a good light – it bounces off the gold thread and the magnifier and tires the eyes even more quickly) and a magnifier, I can’t do much at once. What you see here is two or three sessions’ work.

I’m pleased, though. There are several new techniques and materials still to try in this month’s session, and I think I am learning a great deal – not least, working at this scale turns out to be less hair-raising than I feared!


  1. Lady Fi says:

    Amazing rose.. it jumps out at you. I thought it was 3D at first!

  2. Elmsley Rose says:

    It’s beautiful!

  3. Shelley says:

    Am glad you are enjoying it – makes all the difference and it’s looking lovely! I know what you mean about the goldwork, I had to do a piece for C&G in the winter evenings and the daylight bulb gave such a reflective glare too.