More Goldwork for Eve In The Garden Of Eden

Very Fine Pearl Purl Added
Very Fine Pearl Purl Added

The next stage in the goldwork cartouche frames for Eve in the Garden of Eden was to add a row of very fine gold pearl purl inside each double row of the crinkle strip. Now, this doesn’t need a stitch in every gap – it’s more like a very fine, very tight spring, and follows curves quite well – but it is quite fiddly and concentrated, and there’s rather a lot of it. Fortunately I did each cartouche individually, so I had a rest from pearl purl while I tackled the next stage….

Twisting Silver Strip
Twisting Silver Strip

Which was this!

The Silver Strip which was to be the central row of the cartouche frame arrived flat – or at least, loosely coiled in its box. In order to spring to life and create a gorgeous, opulent central row for the cartouche frame, it had to be coiled into a spiral around the second of the knitting needles that arrived with the kit.

One of the things I enjoy about Tricia’s courses is that sometimes our materials require further elaboration before we use them…

Half Twisted
Half Twisted

Here you can see the texture of the Wrapped Silver Strip. I think it is engraved or embossed, rather than actually wrapped, but it does add to the general variety of response to light, and that, after all, is part of the reason for having metal threads on an embroidered piece….

You can also see how the effect is enhanced by twisting the strip into a spiral!

15 thoughts on “More Goldwork for Eve In The Garden Of Eden

  1. I did wonder with all that tent stitch why you wanted to do this piece. Now i see why! Happiness is the pursuit of excellence!

  2. OMG! I used to have your blog on some sort of feed but that seems to have stopped working. Today I caught a link on Facebook. I have missed sooooo much! I will have to find a quiet time to work through all that I have missed. I have this in my stash and just this one post has me itching to start it but I must resist – I have far too many with a higher priority right now. It is looking great and I can’t wait to see how that coil of silver will be attached to Eve.

  3. That fine purl must have taken a long time to stitch down.
    I love making curls around a knitting needle. I think your silvery spirals are so beautiful.

  4. The gold is very effective, and I’m going backward to see more of it. The silver is so interesting! I can’t imagine stitching with it, but I know you will do a marvelous job.

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