Overcoming the difficulty

Second Tree Done
Second Tree Done

It took me quite some time – several weeks, in fact, before I got myself over my frustration with “Eve”, gathered up my patience and my courage, and had a go at the second lot of foliage.

The curls of gimp are a bit tighter, and more closely packed than in the first one, and the bunches of foliage are spaced out a bit to allow the branches to show through. There was a great deal of muttering, and I spread out the frustration by doing one clump at a time, then getting up and doing something else instead.

Snake In Silk Purl
Snake In Silk Purl

Naturally no garden of Eden can be complete without a Snake. In this case, using green silk pearl purl, carefully couched down in two sections to create the head (with flickering red silk forked tongue) and then the tail, to give the impression that the snake has wound itself around the tree.

I rather enjoyed the Snake (both of them!), because I only seemed to need the two hands I already have, rather than the three extra that seemed to be needed for the foliage! The silk thread used to couch the pearl purl also made a leaf for the apple.

And now I’m ready for the next stage…

Both Snakes Added
Both Snakes Added

15 thoughts on “Overcoming the difficulty

  1. I hate snakes but that one has a certain ‘charm’. I’m sure Eve must have felt the same.

  2. I think yours may be the only snake that ever made me smile! Beautiful work!

  3. I like the contrast in the foliage on the trees and the snakes are wonderfully snakey. I can imagine that those little loops are exceedingly fiddly in that gimp. Well done for persevering.

    I do think the rightmost blob of the second tree needs a bit of branch across the open space to connect it to the central blob, or maybe that’s just me.

  4. I so love this piece, Rachel! Such a joy to follow you along. One more thing I do not have to stitch myself; I can just watch and enjoy!

  5. The snake works so well! Splitting up difficult jobs is a great technique. Must remember to go back to the jobs I’ve taken a break from though…!

  6. You’ve done a great job with the snake(s), Rachel. I really like your focus and persistence; it’s such beautifully detailed work.

  7. Despite the frustration and muttering, it’s so important when working on a piece that you’ve put the kind of time into that you have this one, that you’re happy with how it looks as a whole. It worked out lovely!

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week’s Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!

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