Finishing the Head of Nefertiti

Unless I decide otherwise, the head of Nefertiti is now finished.

Signature Cartouche
Signature Cartouche

I’ve worked my Morse Code cartouche slightly differently this time, using cross stitch for the dots, long armed cross stitch for the dashes, and counted running stitch for the frame. This works rather well, so it’s a possibility for any eventual canvaswork projects in the future.

However, in this instance it is almost completely invisible, so I may yet unpick it and rework it twice the size, with four threads in each direction instead of two.

Finished Head Of Nefertiti
Finished Head Of Nefertiti

In the end, if you recall, I decided to work Nefertiti’s cartouche, both the hieroglyphs and the frame, in reverse chain stitch using untwisted silk.

The rays of the Aten are worked in reverse chain stitch, but using hand twisted silk.

I am a little concerned about balance and the strength of the design, but when I was playing with my photos of of the finished panel, I noticed that when I cropped the picture closely, rather than including all of the length I have stitched of the rays of the Aten, it was much improved.

That happened with the Camberwell Panel, and with Loading the Felucca, as well, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

And I really should remember to play with that sort of detail when I am mounting and finishing my embroideries!

19 thoughts on “Finishing the Head of Nefertiti

  1. You should be really proud of the finished piece! It looks amazing. At the RSN, they made us play with four strips of paper to see how much space to leave for the mounting and framing. Really helpful. And my old framers in Rotterdam let you look at your piece in the mirror when making framing decisions. That works a treat!

  2. I also cllicked the photo to enlarge it and the finished piece is beautiful. Love that necklace.

  3. It looks amazing! You should be pleased with the result. Your cropped picture certainly doesn’t give the impression of it being off balance so you should be fine when mounting it if you play around with it.

  4. I enlarged the image of the head Rachel….all I can say is wow. It’s incredible|! I take my hat off to you….

  5. She looks wow. You’ve achieved what you embarked upon. Love the interpretation – serene, dignified and proud.

  6. She looks great! Yes, I agree that the stitches are disappearing too much. I couldn’t really tell the dots from the dashes in the photograph, though I’m sure it’s easy to tell in person. Sometimes more is better!

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