Another Worktop Bin

Diamond Framework
Diamond Framework

The first worktop bin was such a success that I decided to do another one.

This time the bin itself is a cardboard drum that used to contain chocolates. It’s rather bigger than my sawn-off milk bottle, and furthermore, the canvas is finer (I’m only using two strands of Paterna in the needle, not three), so the canvas is going to take a little longer to do.

Stage Two
Stage Two

I’m staying with browns, and with diamond patterns, and starting with this diamond lattice pattern. I’ve had enough of the creamy beige wool to work the framework, and since it is only two strands, I should have enough of it to work the edging and seam as well.

But there is a lot more dark brown to come and I may very well find myself combining threads to stretch my varieties of dark brown to fit the pattern. Never mind, I will then have made some Stashbusting Progress!

Stage Three
Stage Three

Has anyone else noticed what a very inexact science stashbusting is? You embark on a project, full of hope that it will consume vast stores, only to find that the Stash in question has shrunk not at all…

Right up until the project when you rely on that happening….

14 thoughts on “Another Worktop Bin

  1. Which is why I always ending up buying fresh when starting a new project. Except cross stitch, I just use my stash for that.

  2. I do like this little (or not so little ) cover.
    How true, how true about stash busting. I am working on a piece, to use up some old thread, and then find it is so old they don’t make that colour anymore and the pieces I can find are from a different dye batch. My stash does go down but only to the things I don’t want to use!

  3. Looking good, Rachel. So annoying when the perfect fabric (thread) is just that bit short……and necessitates a trip to the shops!!

  4. You will have the smartest desk in town with the two bins.

    The joy of Stash. I had a small amount of green Stef Francis AA silk in the stash that I wanted to use on the background for the crocus piece I’m currently doing. Just enough left, I decided. Except two-thirds into the backgrounds I figured I did not have quite enough. So last night I put in an order on their website to get another skein, and some other colours of course: you can’t just stop at one…. Of course, by bedtime I’m now sure do I have quite enough green to finish the piece, after all. Oh well, the new skeins will come in useful – eventually!

  5. As always I love your stitching. I’ve just been through a BIG stash busing event. The craft section at our local thrift store is full of Penny’s castoffs. BUT I love the end result. I know where everything is and I’m going to try to keep it that way. Ah well, you know ‘best intentions’!!

  6. For me stash busting works only as a theory..I end up buying more to finish the stash buster project and end up adding more threads to the stash.I stitched the same pattern in blue/yellow combo and turned it into a needle book.

  7. This is going to be another pretty project!

    As far as stashing busting, I find that the only way I make any progress is when I donate stash. If I’m working on a project to use up stash, rarely do I get to a finish using only what I have on hand unless it’s a very small project. 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up to this week’s Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!

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