Found in Tidying

Blackwork Pattern
Blackwork Pattern

Remember all those frames? And the teacloth? And “Co-operation is better than conflict“?

There’s been a bit more tidying up going on, and this appeared, ready prepared and kitted up. Presumably by the very same lady – or, given what embroiderers are like, possibly acquired from someone else who’d decided not to do it after all. I’ve found all sorts of half-completed needlework projects on Embroiderer’s Guild stalls!

The design was in a copy of “New Stitches” magazine, but heaven knows how old it is.  At least eight years, because we’ve had it tucked away that long!

Blackwork As Inherited
Blackwork As Inherited

There’s not much of it done, so one of us will have plenty to keep themselves occupied with.

In spite of Topsy, my mother is talking about taking it on. She’s much better at counted work than I am, so I’m likely to leave her to it, although I must admit it does look rather charming, and blackwork is a style I’ve yet to tackle!

Blackwork Detail
Blackwork Detail

Look at all the different stitch patterns here! So intricate…

If ever either of us gets this finished, I’ll be sure to let you know…

16 thoughts on “Found in Tidying

  1. Mmmm, I like that! It’s surprising how Mary Hickmott’s style comes out in the different counted thread techniques she designs for. I don’t think I’ve seen that one before – I might well have been tempted to work it myself – but it was obvious which magazine it came from at one glance. I’m sure Mary would tell you when that issue was published, if you ask – she’s given up publishing, but has a blog at

    Maybe you and your mother could tackle the same design – one with the kit and one working in green thread on white fabric?

  2. Beautiful! And what a lovely thing to stumble upon as you tidy up. I’m sure whoever completes it will get a lot of enjoyment from the experience.

  3. I love rummaging on the Embroidery Guilds sale table here. It is amazing the things you find and yes we have lots of partly finished things as well. I have to be very strong because I have so many UFO’s myself!

  4. That’s gorgeous. I love blackwork and this cream on green is a lovely departure form the norm. I’m really quite envious of it!

  5. What lovely embroidery! I have enjoyed perusing the last several months of your posts and I love the lace you have made for your Topsy. I am so impressed that you do bobbin lace so beautifully. It is nearly a lost art! I look forward to seeing the finished layette on Topsy. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  6. Love the green fabric – it’s the perfect foil for the pretty stitching. I’m surprised you haven’t tried blackwork before – for some reason I would have expected you to have done something with it, perhaps because of the scope it has for experimentation and design. If you do end up with doing it, I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts. I did a fair bit of blackwork back in the 90s, and whilst I enjoyed it at the time, I don’t seek it out now – just another “tool in the toolbox” if you know what I mean…

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