An Extensive Collection
An Extensive Collection

My mother and I are planning a panel for next year’s Christmas Cards, and I went in the loft recently in search of an embroidery frame of a suitable size.

I brought down every bit of wood that looked vaguely embroidery-frame-like, and spent a puzzled hour or so putting them together.

And got a very nasty shock. I’m quite sure I didn’t buy all of these.

Do they breed?

An assortment of frames
An assortment of frames

Actually, in my own defence – some years ago a local embroideress died, and her daughter wanted to give away all of her stash and equipment. Preferably all at once, to one person.

So I toddled off, burdened with I-didn’t-know-quite-what, and – not needing any of it at the time – put it in the loft. Then life got very busy and I didn’t get around to doing the stocktake I’d intended.

Until now.

And the most galling thing of all is that not one of those frames is big enough for the project we have in mind!

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  1. Fabric multiplies too when you are not looking! I never seem to have the exact colour/material I need despite having drawers full of the stuff!

  2. Oh dear – if you keep stretcher bars and rotating frames in the same place it does indeed lead to ‘threadrabbit’ syndrome! They just can’t help themselves – thank goodness you got them all out before the population exploded. Sadly ‘not having one big enough’ is a well know side effect. In my opinion the hazards of keeping embroidery equipment should be much more widely publicised….

  3. Amazing, I know exactly what you mean! Perhaps , I can help _ what size do you want? I had the same experience of being given “granny’s frames!

  4. Oh dear, a pity none of them is big enough! But at least now you’ve got round to sorting through your stash. And that’s never a bad thing. Perhaps some of it may even spark off ideas for another project!

  5. Isn’t that always the case — I have tons and tons of embroidery floss — but never the exact shade I need – so of course I buy more!!! I recently went through a BIG ‘die off’ getting rid of anything I hadn’t used for three years. Its wonderful that I now have room to collect more ‘stuff’!!

  6. Looks about like my collection. Although I have more roller frames, a clip frame and a set of Siesta bar frames, I only have one floor stand (which has had the same unfinished canvaswork cushion front on it since 1999, I must confess, and mainly does duty as a clothes-horse in my bedroom). Serious question: I’m wondering how useful you find the frame holder that is in the centre of the floor frames in the photo? I’ve been tempted to get one and I’d like to know your opinion.

  7. It is always the way. You have everything EXCEPT the thing you want. This applys to clothing, household goods, fabric, threads, you name it. There has to be a special name fot this kinds of thing?

  8. Wonderful stash! So sad that none of them is big enough..I would have invited you to dig my stash and a cup of coffee/tea if we live close by… I bet you’d have found the right one in our stash ( me & my mother) . P.S. ‘Frayed at the edge’ s comment made me laugh a bit..

  9. Oh no… to have all those frames and not one that will work. But at least now that you know you have them, perhaps uses will come to mind over the coming months.

    I’m a little late in getting around to visiting everyone but I wanted to thank you for linking up that sweet sea horse to last week’s Stitchery Link Party. I loved the thread you used and the way you explained how it stitched differently than a round thread would have. It’s fun learning new things or being reminded to try different threads. Aloha hugs!

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