Suddenly Re-Thinking

Drawing Design
Drawing Design

I bought the turquoise pashmina with the intention of working one of the Stitch-Off designs on it, but as I was playing around with colours, I had a sudden thought…

It’s an absolutely gorgeous faience colour, so why don’t I choose colours inspired by my Dreams of Amarna project. And while I’m about it, create a design inspired by those patterns I’ve been playing with…

That famous bust of Nefertiti
That famous bust of Nefertiti

In the end I’ve decided to take my inspiration from that famous bust of Nefertiti, discovered by Ludwig Borchardt in 1912. It would therefore have been known to Mary Chubb. This picture is a Creative Commons-licensed image I found online, but in this particular case, all I wanted it for was to check on the distribution of small and large segments and colours.

So that’s garnet or carnelian coloured sections, lapis-coloured sections and jade-coloured sections, all outlined in gold. In this case, I don’t want to use metallic thread, so the gold will be rendered in golden-yellow.

Choosing Colours
Choosing Colours

I’ve been working on making a design printing and transferring board, so I pinned out the end of the pashmina I want to embellish on the board, and simply drew straight lines as a guide.

Then I had a wonderful time fishing out jewel-coloured silk threads.

All I need now is some idea of the stitches I intend to use!

12 thoughts on “Suddenly Re-Thinking

  1. I think you’ll have a very attractive shawl, and the design will have an interesting backstory for those who show interest in the patterns, which should spark a few conversations when you wear it.

  2. Looking good! I remember that bust of Nefertiti so well from my school visit to the Tutankhamen exhibit at the BM, too many years ago to recount now 🙂 !

  3. I love the colours but there are just so many stitches to choose from!

  4. Beautiful color of the shawl. Looking forward to seeing your finished stitches. You always have brilliant ideas.

  5. Beautiful shawl and lovely threads as well. Always you come up with some exciting and unique ideas with simple stitches so looking forward to see the progress of this one.

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