Progress on Eve In The Garden Of Eden

Progress on the spine
Progress on the spine

After all those good intentions, I’ve rather fallen behind with “Eve In The Garden Of Eden”. It’s not that it’s difficult – rather fine, requiring the use of the magnifier, but not especially difficult. Unfortunately I’ve only got as far as three of the five panels on the spine of the bookcover. There are two more little panels on the spine, and then two identical ornamental frames, back and front, showing Adam, Eve, the Tree Of Knowledge, and the Snake. And that’s before I start on the complicated bits!

Reasons/excuses for the delay? Well, I moved over to the Canvaswork Angel over Christmas (it seemed more appropriate somehow!), and then I was blindsided by the The Great Lady’s Magazine Stitch Off. Not that I am complaining, you understand – it’s been fascinating to begin finding out about the early days of periodicals and to see the designs provided for subscribers, especially as even more are beginning to come to light!

Another Parcel
Another Parcel



And now I have been reminded that I really need to get on with it, because the finishing kit has arrived, including some rather lovely silk brocade, and some fancy threads I’ve not come across before.

Still, I need to finish that pashmina first…


17 thoughts on “Progress on Eve In The Garden Of Eden

  1. Ah , the joy – and pain of having too many wonderful projects! I am loving the bunny and squirrel on the spine – they are so elegantly cute ( if that’s possible?)

  2. I would say you have an embarrassment of riches!! I love this design – but can only imagine how small it is to work with.

  3. What you have so far is really lovely. It’s so easy to fall behind when something really nice comes along. There are so many designers coming out that have beautiful ideas and projects.

  4. Try my small bites way of working – a little bit of work on each project, then you never have that guilty feeling that you are concentrating on one thing at the expense of the others!
    That little bunny is so cute!!

  5. Even you can’t quite manage to do everything at once, Rachel! The progress on Eve so far looks impressively neat, and the little designs are charming, but they also look like the kind of close work that you can only do for short sessions without going cross-eyed or getting careless. (Well, I can’t, anyway.) The box of goodies will keep until you are ready for it, and we know that the pashmina has a deadline to meet.

  6. Small creatures seem to bring forth the same response over the ages, I think they are cute too.

  7. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many beautiful things to choose for each day’s stitching? This is a great one, too!

  8. Loved reading your back posts about the GLM stitch off. Reminds me of the recreation of the famous 1718 quilt, that I my ceramics somehow got involved in a while ago. Recreating history at this kind of level is so important. Now …. Am going to google Luceting !!?? X

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