Spots The Eeyoropard

Got My Eye On You
Got My Eye On You…!

Under Rusty’s very bright and beady eye, I got started on the companion that Tanya provided for him in the Stitchalong on her blog, Opus Anglicanum.

Detail Of Underlayer
Detail Of Underlayer

Which turned out to be a Leopard!

This closeup of his head and neck gives you a chance to see the two different shades used side by side in the underlayer of the laid and couched work.

False Start
False Start

Once I’d finished the couching – in a modern twist, Tanya suggested working all the couching in a single colour, so that the Dragon and the Leopard will offer two versions of the same stitch – I had a slight false start with the outlining. When I tried the dark chestnut red, I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I’m not sure quite why, but perhaps it simply wasn’t distinctive enough against the orangey-red.

Spots The Eeyoropard
Spots The Eeyoropard

I went back to the dark green I used on Rusty, and used the same creamy yellow for the highlights. I don’t think I put in quite the same highlight twiddles as Tanya put on hers, but I like him just the way he is.

Apparently the Leopard of the medieval bestiary is a gentle creature – in spite of the fearsome claws, and according to Tanya, they all look “terminally grumpy”. I was talking about this with my friend @Matheknitician a week or so back when she accosted me at the MathsJam weekend, saying she was desperate to know what I was going to do with Rusty, and a day later she sent me a message suggesting that we should call Spots an Eeyoropard.

So, ladies and gentlemen, – Spots the Eeyoropard! Please be nice to him – he’s rather shy..

15 thoughts on “Spots The Eeyoropard

  1. I think he looks a little apprehensive rather than grumpy. A definite contrast to Rusty’s cheerful, outgoing personality. Spots need have no fears: everyone will love him.

  2. it’s fascinating to see this process step by step…..and more beautiful stitching from you…

  3. Perfect name for an absolutely wonderful leopard (whoops Eeyoropard). I love your color combinations.

  4. I also think that he looks more apprehensive than grumpy. He is really rather cute but I fear he may be like one of my cats – if you try to give him a cuddle you may become better acquainted with those claws!

  5. How could an animal of such obvious beauty be shy?
    He is a singular Eeyoropard. Such detail!

  6. This is truly wonderful – I love mythical creatures, my favourite of all being the griffin. You have inspired me with this beautiful stitching – I haven’t done this kind of needlework in a very long time…

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