More layouts..

Telling stories without words can be a little tricky..

Laoyout of the Spots on the panels, one of many

I’ve managed to get the Amulet and the Crock together here, and “Typed on Camelback” is on the horizontal panel, which works. But I put the Lotus Fragment at the top because it is the first thing mentioned in the book, only to find that it makes the whole thing fizzle out rather.

A slightly better arrangement.

So for the next one, I’ve swapped the Faience Necklace with the Lotus Fragment. Better, I think. I like the way the Amulet echoes the Cartouche in shape, but not in placement. I also rather like the new, closer placement of the Fishie with the Felucca. Typed on Camelback and the Lotus Fragment look fairly happy together, too.

Final layout - I hope!

So, final tweak. The square tops of the Cartouche and the Crock of Gold balance each other nicely, and the grouping of Fishie and Felucca take only a little more space than the Faience Necklace. I think I will put the Hippo lower and the Antelope higher, mirroring the Lotus Fragment and Typed on Camelback. And incidentally, making more sense of them – antelope are dry land animals and hippos like water, after all!

So, have I finally made sense of this?

You know, I think I may have done!


  1. Mam says:

    Indeed you have! When you read the page of the dig, the first thing you come to at the bottom of the page is the lotus, followed by “Typed on a camel’s back”, which is why she is at the dig at all. brilliant!

  2. Sue Jones says:

    Much, much better. I am wondering if fishy and the small oblong should change places, so it’s rectangle, shape, rectangle on the left, to balance shape, rectangle, shape on the right. But reality might not agree.

  3. Carolyn Foley says:

    Yes you have. It pays to keep tweeking.

  4. Linda says:

    I think you have. Mind you I’m terrible at making decisions.

  5. I also think you have found the right place for everything. Just to be sure, leave it for a while, sleep on it, and you will know if the placement is right.

  6. Alex Hall says:

    That was quite a mammoth task, so well done fighting through it! And when it is all put together, nobody will ever realise how much time and trouble went into making it all work together so effortlessly…