William’s Horse

William’s horse is going to need a name, isn’t he! At the moment, suggestions range from “Woros” (think about it for a moment…!) to “Champion The Wonder Horse” (I imagine his groom calls him Bob!) to “Jeff”, via “Mars”, “Thunderer”, and “Dobbin”. I think “Dobbin” is better suited to the horse in the canvaswork!

However, onward!

As it turned out, the colours I chose didn’t quite shade through each other as I would have wished, since two of them were too close together (however good the pictures, online ordering has hazards), so it took me some time to work out what to do.

That “what” turned out to include fishing out a pale cream from among my Thistle Threads reels, which included some filament silk, fortunately. It’s rather finer than the rest of the silk in this piece, so I need six lengths to match four from those.

I do wonder whether the tail is quite luxuriant enough, but if it looks a bit spindly when the whole thing is finished, I can add more – although stitching over the wall is quite effortful!

Please note, also, the wonderful blued-steel hooves. Unless they are slate!

I know that roans are not usually shown as dappled, but I decided that I wanted some texture in the horse. I’m intending to make the shield as smooth as possible, and I think a bit of surface variation in the horse will increase the contrast.

So, I shall be going round and round in circles for quite some time!


  1. Sue Jones says:

    He still looks like an Ossy to me. Excellent so far! Good hooves, and the spots add a bit of fun. I think he’ll look great when he’s all filled in.

  2. Lin says:

    Dobbin is looking good – nice colour and texture. xx

  3. Oh definitely Dobbin, I still have a Tri-ang miniature rocking horse called Dobbin, his dappled grey colour almost entirely worn off with love! He fitted just right into a small child’s hand. Although, having now discovered a strange thing called the “Iron Dobbin” I find my happy associations with the name slightly marred (investigate at your peril), so perhaps Woros instead. Mind you Dappled Dobbin has a certain ring to is doesn’t it? I look forward to seeing him completed

  4. I like what you have done so far. What about Bobbin, a combination of Bob and Dobbin.

  5. Isn’t his name Hansome? He IS a fine horse! I love the ‘roses’.

  6. Mam says:

    How about “Monseigneur”?

  7. Carolyn Foley says:

    I’m not sure about Dobbin? He looks a bit more up market than that.