Watermill Stitchery – more progress on the Convento

I finally had a couple of inspirations for the rendered wall and the door. I used two shades of brown pearl cotton for the panels on the door, outlining them using long legged cross stitch, and filling in the panels with satin stitch. While I was doing that, it occurred to me that this was a good opportunity to demonstrate, again, just how different a stitch can look if you use different threads to stitch it with. So the render is rendered (sorry!) in Burden stitch, using two strands of light coloured stranded cotton, and already you can see how very different it looks in comparison with the soft cotton. It’s very satisfying when something works that well!

It was the golden light on the creeper that originally attracted me to this scene, so I need next to work out how to represent the creeper. I’m starting with feathered zig zag chain stitch, and I’ll use several colours of thread to create the variation of colour in the foliage.

I’ve added a few French Knots to the rough stone wall, to roughen it up a bit, and tweak the colour balance.

You can see here the start of the middle shade for the creeper, again using feathered zigzag chain stitch, and trying to zigzag the zigzags to vary how much of each colour shows.

You can also see that the facing light rendered wall is now done, and I have simply turned the Burden Stitch through ninety degrees. I think I may be beginning to be pleased with it!


  1. Quilting Tangent says:

    I like how the different stitches give the piece dimension and adds interest.

  2. Sue Jones says:

    A really effective selection of stitches for building textures. Everything “reads” well, and sits in its right part of the picture plane. This is not an easy trick with embroidery. Congratulations!

  3. Lin says:

    Lovely to see the different textures and the creeper is creeping nicely

  4. Carolyn Foley says:

    Love that wall, you have captured the texture there. Congratulations.

  5. Jen Mullen says:

    The wall has a surprising visual depth! Amazing work, Rachel.

  6. Alex Hall says:

    You’ve really nailed the different placings and weights of the various stitches to give so many different outcomes and I love the golden wall. It feels like sunlight!

  7. You are using the stitches, and thread!, to great advantage and the result is very realistic.

  8. Amanda says:

    Liking those textures!

  9. Karen says:

    It’s looking great – such thoughtful choices of thread and stitch. Very effective.