Little Jacket Finished

So, here’s the finished back view. When I had done most of the work, I looked at it, and realised that there was still a rather spare look to it – hence the assortment of chain stitch tendrils, worked out by asking my mother to wear the jacket while I scrawled chalk tendrils in all the places I thought they were needed.

The front left (from the inside) didn’t seem to me to be quite as open as the back, so it didn’t need quite so much in the way of tendrils. Just a couple, making sure that all of the pattern goes across all of the jacket.

I could maybe do with a bit more practice at drawing curlicues, but to be honest, drawing on a garment on a live body is not something I am likely to do very often!

You might also have spotted one of the tiny leaves I decided to put in covering a blemish near to the lowest bloom. I was rather pleased with that idea – if there are more difficulties, or weaknesses in the fabric, I will merely be adding more decoration!

The butterfly makes a neat little reference to the bugs and beasties in Jacobean embroidery, while covering the worn section on the patch pocket, and the tiny green stitches on the brown felt lift the colour nicely.

The front right also didn’t need too much additional work – a couple of tendrils, that’s all.

I realise as I look at this, that I didn’t change the curlicues on this fruit/flower thing for lighter ones, or, indeed, add stems to the brown leaf shapes, but I don’t think it was necessary, in the end.

I’ve already chosen a lining material – a bright, warm green.

I’m looking forward to wearing this later in the Autumn!


  1. You and your jacket will be the talk of the town!
    I love the choice of colour and the various stitches are things one wants to look at for a long time.
    Wonderful work, Rachel.

  2. Jen Mullen says:

    So pretty! You can be proud to wear this. Get Mam to take a picture when you finish with lining and are ready to wear it out!

  3. Sue Jones says:

    That is splendid. I look forward to seeing it in Real Life at some point. (If you can get it off your mother, to wear, that is – if I were her, I would “borrow” it and run!)

  4. Lin says:

    Looking forward to seeing a picture of you wearing it!

  5. Lovely jacket. Great idea to try it on your mum to check it over.

  6. Amo says:

    Really nice finish. Wear with pride 😊

  7. Carolyn Foley says:

    Love the little jacket. I am inspired to make one (think about) myself. No, it would be too hot to work on here.

  8. Looks so good, and unique to you.