Finishing Silkie

The next stage with Silkie were the main details on the head. The eyes, the beak, and the beard were all long and short stitch, which is not a favourite of mine, as long term readers are very well aware.

However, I have now grown reconciled to long and short stitch to the extent that, if I believe it to be the right choice, I will settle to it without too much grousing. Just a token mutter or two!

In truth, satin stitch isn’t a huge favourite, either, but the jewel-like golden shapes were what attracted me to Silkie when I saw the kit in the shop, and besides, silk thread is such a joy to use, and so rewarding in both satin stitch and long and short stitch.

So Silkie’s decorations, eyelashes, and bushy eyebrows all came together in something of a rush, and brought the goofy expression properly to life.

The final detail was to seed stitch the neck and the forehead. As it happened, I couldn’t find anywhere in the instructions the detail of which colours to choose, so the final detail may not be as intended.

But I like it – lighter on the forehead where the eyes, eyebrows and beak all concentrate the darker colours, and darker on the neck to bring out the flower with its un-outlined petals.

Now I need to work out where to put Silkie so I can continue to enjoy him!

Episode 49 of SlowTV Stitchery is now live. In which we tackle the Angel’s hair, remember the Great Ladys Magazine StitchOff, and consider music while we work.


  1. Sheryl says:

    He´s looking gorgeous, I love the gold thread with the grey.

  2. You are not alone – I don’t particularly like Long and Short Stitch, or Satin Stitch, either. Maybe I don’t have the patience for such tidy stitches. You, on the other hand, have succeeded. Silkie is looking very grand. Are you going to frame this embroidery?
    You are giving your angel very rich hair. Are there three wraps around the needle for the French Knots?

  3. Lin Tarrant says:

    He is lovely!

  4. Lady Fi says:

    Love that face!

  5. Sue Jones says:

    What a difference the top of the head and all that patient seed-stitching has made!
    The long-and-short looks nice and bouncy, and gives more of a feathery look to the chin, etc, where it is needed. A well designed kit, very neatly stitched. Now to see what’s going on in the new video….

  6. Jen Mullen says:

    Such a charming and whimsical character! Beautiful work, Rachel!

  7. Carolyn Foley says:

    That looked like fun to stitch.