Evelyn Rose – Finished

I’ve only just realised you’ve not seen the finishing of Evelyn Rose – I wrote the post then didn’t schedule it!

Rose Shadows
Rose Shadows

The glint of the gauze shows up particularly well in this photograph of the rose, and you can see, too, the various different silk threads I’ve used to get the effect and shade I wanted. Tricky, because I didn’t want a naturalistic, Redouté-style rose, but – because, as I said, they don’t work with stems – I didn’t want a canal-art style rose, either. I think I got it right, and I’m rather pleased!

Leaf Shadows
Leaf Shadows

This slightly “stencilled” type of leaf helps to keep the balance between “naturalistic” and “stylised”. It also provides an opportunity for some rather striking shadows when the light is right, and I was delighted, throughout the stitching, to have moments like this, when it became clear that the idea was going to work just as I had hoped!

Evelyn Rose Finished
Evelyn Rose Finished
Signature Caterpillar
Signature Caterpillar

I knew that Evelyn’s father, in particular, would be very disappointed if he discovered later about my usual Morse Code signature, and I hadn’t done it for Evelyn, but making it small enough, and neat enough, and showing the stitches at the back as little as possible, was a little tricky. I twisted together several colours to get a fine, caterpillary thread, and worked my stitches as close to the stem as I could get them. In real life, it’s very hard to see my signature, but I promise you, it’s there!

Evelyn Rose, double mounted and casting a shadow
Evelyn Rose, double mounted and casting a shadow

The next challenge was to mount it. All this was happening only just pre-lockdown, so I went to see my wonderful framer, who goes by the (entirely deserved) name of Framing Genius. Between us, we came up with a way to create a sort of “sealed unit” of the embroidery and the mounts, so that I could post it overseas to our friends, who would then have something displayable until they can find a framer when such things are possible again.

Now, the next post in SlowTV Stitchery is now live – Episode Eighteen – on the desirability of imperfection and the likeness of mathematicians to cats!


  1. Sue Jones says:

    That has worked out beautifully – and so effective with the twinkle of gauze and the shadow behind.
    The mounting is great, too.

  2. This is very beautiful Rachel! And your signature and its placement is just genius :).


    This is so lovely, and how well it has worked with its shadow self behind it, such a clever idea. I am particularly delighted with the end of the rose stem, a small detail, but so convincing

  4. Jen Mullen says:

    Gorgeous! Your friends will be so pleased, and Evelyn will have something to treasure forever.

  5. Lin Tarrant says:

    Beautiful! xx

  6. Carolyn Foley says:

    Lovely result and the hidden signature is a great touch.

  7. Lady Fi says:

    So very gorgeous! Well done.

  8. The embroidery really floats on the gauze. A beautiful work of art and in a neat mount, too.

  9. Meredithe says:

    Absolutely stunning! Bet the recipients were delighted. Congratulations.

  10. Sheryl says:

    Perfectly beautiful work Rachel