Jacobean Coat – the leaves at the base of the spray

Central Section
Central Section

This photo shows the central section, with the major felt sections in place, and the minor ones left until later. That in turn means that the colour range is not quite right, because the greeny-teal is missing.

What it does show, however, is that the disheartening spotty effect I experienced with the Piano Shawl is entirely prevented by the couched stems!

Since my blue felt was made using layers of blended wool sliver it has some slight variation of colour, which I was hoping to pull out in my stitching. That may not quite work, but at least I can try.

I also want to make the fawn leaves much more varied, so although there are several successful treatments I could choose to use in all cases, I’m going to try to be more experimental.

Interim Version
Interim Version

This photo is already out of date, because I’ve unpicked the fawn leaves once already, and I’m not entirely sure about some of the details on the large blue leaves. The light blue half-Cretan stitch may not survive to the finished garment!

There is a mid-blue knotted edging stitch on the top edge of the two outer blue leaves which I may have invented at the time, and certainly can’t reconstruct in the cold light of day. The spine of the central leaf is Square Chain, with the corners couched down with a darker thread, and the edge is closed feather stitch. There will probably be a lot of closed feather stitch – it is a useful stitch for the edges of these shapes.


  1. Jen Mullen says:

    I really can’t wait to see the finished coat. Each new section is fascinating!

  2. I agree with you that the light-blue thread probably needs to come out. It is too much of an eye-catcher :). But it all depends on what else is going in! And congratulations on becoming a member of S.E.W. Very much deserved!!!

  3. Catherine says:

    Very interesting! Using the felt is a great idea to add in an extra dimension. The colours are interesting and it will be interesting to see it all come together!

  4. Carolyn Foley says:

    I agree about the light blue thread being changed but over all it looks great.

  5. These pieces of felt will showcase a lot of interesting stitches. Are there Interlaced Up-and-Down Buttonhole stitches on the left fawn leaf? Closed Feather Stitch is a good choice for the edges.

  6. Sue Jones says:

    Hmm, I was rather liking that light blue Cretan, but then I took a fresh at the whole three-section leaf and thought Oh, a blue banana being unpeeled! So it does need less contrast with the centre part or a less curved filling to take the bananaryness off.

  7. Sheryl says:

    Interesting stitching Rachel another beautiful piece in the makings. I agree that the light blue Cretan stitch might be best changed

  8. Lady Fi says:

    I like that blue – very royal!

  9. karen says:

    oh I love the top image, the scattering of beautiful colour and shapes.