Alarms and Excursions!

Embroidery based on the watercolour
Embroidery based on the watercolour

My hosting provider has had an alarming few days, with their machine going down with no warning. Furthermore, when they came to restore everything affected, they discovered that as part of that failure, the backups had silently failed (which is something we’ve experienced at home, so we sympathise!).

So I have lost all the comments on the most recent post, even the ones I’d already replied to.

If I haven’t replied, I’m not ignoring you, I just haven’t received your comment.


  1. Carolyn Foley says:

    At least your provider comes. Ours just leaves us and you have to hang on the phone of hours to get through.

  2. Let’s hope this is a once only event!

  3. Jen Mullen says:

    Frustrating! Any disruption causes a kerfluffle. I’m pretty lost when anything goes wrong with my access, so my sympathies.

  4. Sue Jones says:

    Onwards! These things do happen. At least it was only our comments, not your words and pictures that ran away. If you want a change of scene, I can recommend WordPress. Free, easy to use and (touch wood) very reliable. Has hosted Tortoise Loft happily for ten years.

  5. Alex Hall says:

    Technology is fantastic – when it works!! Thank goodness we don’t have that issue with embroidery…!

  6. Jane says:

    How frustrating! At least your posts are still there!

  7. Meredithe says:

    Oh no!! Hope all is mended now. Gorgeous embroidery.