Finally Finished Eve In The Garden Of Eden

Eve In The Garden Of Eden Finished

Eve In The Garden Of Eden Finished

Well, at last!

My word, it’s taken a long time! I started it in November 2015, and it took nearly a year just to finish the tent stitch, and then about eight months to do the gold Elizabethan Ground Stitch.

Progress wasn’t helped, of course, by the fact that counted work is something I can only do in short spurts. Or by the number of times I got distracted by wonderful new ideas I simply had to bring to life!

Spine Of Box

Spine Of Box

However, once I had got to the end of the stitching, and then the goldwork (isn’t it gorgeous, by the way – do click to zoom in on the photos!), there was a whole new level of puzzling to do, cutting out and assembling the lining for the box and then the box itself.

What with layers of padding and card, and the lining (silk, of course!) and the (silk) brocade covers for the outside of the box, there was a lot of pre-assembly to do, since the padding and lining, and the padding and external cover all had to be sewn together before the final assembly.

Silk Lined Box

Silk Lined Box

That final assembly was fiddly in the extreme, but is now finally complete.

I’m going to wrap it up and hide it for a few weeks until the pain is merely a memory, and then find somewhere to put it and gloat, because I am very pleased with it. Just a bit sore from wrestling with sharp needles and too many layers!


  1. elaine says:

    wow! Absolutely gorgeous Rachel, what a beautiful piece of work.

  2. Jen Mullen says:

    What an heirloom piece! Love that spine!

  3. Love it, nice job! ♡♡

  4. Wow, what a lovely result Rachel! And I symphatise with your fingers :).

  5. Lady Fi says:

    It really is lovely! Well worth the wait.

  6. Dima says:

    It looks amazing!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    It looks totally stunning but I’ve to say: You are one very patient and persistent lady … 🙂

  8. tanya says:

    my eyes always go funny when I’m sewing nekkid people, but in my case it’s probably because I’m a perv

  9. Oh, what a treasure box!

  10. Meredithe says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Well done you – gloat away!

  11. Mrs G says:

    You’re certainly entitled to gloat, it’s wonderful. What will you use it for?

  12. Catherine says:

    Well done Rachel! What a wonderful achievement, a very beautiful box, and one definitely gloat worthy! I hope you have a special place to display it.

  13. Carolyn Foley says:

    It is stunning. Certainly worth to the wait to see it.

  14. Sheryl says:

    Oh I do like this box, how pretty and unusual it is. I´m sure you must be so pleased to see it finished after a lot of intricate stitching over the years.

  15. Lin Tarrant says:

    Beautiful! So lovely to see it finished having followed your pain! xx

  16. Erica Marsden says:

    Rachel, the box is exquisite. You certainly tackle challenging projects,

  17. Anita says:

    Gorgeous! You’ve done a great job. Love the box.
    I’ve followed your progress throughout and it feels good to see the end product.

  18. Susan says:

    It is beautiful, and I think it’s much smaller than I had ever imagined. What a wonderful project, definitely time to gloat!