Working on the vessel

Adding To The Stern

Adding To The Stern

Once I had the roundel started, I was able to finish the vessel – which, like the flags, I’d not done quite enough of !

By finish, I mean stitch the last bit of the stern that I need, and then cut out, and turn in the edges. Then go around the edges again, covering them with gimp or stitchery in suitable colours to hide the calico.



I also stitched an odd little fragment over a piece of gauze. This is going to help represent the deck cargo in the bows. The colours are quite dark, and stitched-in creases in grey helps to make it a bit more weatherbeaten.

Deck Cargo Added

Deck Cargo Added

Then there was still more padding to add, and the deck cargo to put in place.

This angle on the bows allows you to see the extra gimp running down the edge, and how much extra padding I’ve put in. You can also see the deck cargo – I cut close to the top edge, and then used the fabric below to attach it to the back of the vessel.


  1. Who would have thought tarpaulins could look so beautiful? Well, that is the beauty of embroidery, ANYTHING can look good when stitched. You have added a nice finishing touch to the vessel with gimp.

  2. Catherine says:

    So many beautiful colours in there! It really is a wonderful piece, and something you can be proud of.

  3. Lady Fi says:

    Lovely texture and colours.

  4. Sue Jones says:

    The battered metal of the ship and the cloths on the cargo have so much character. The padding really brings out the shape of the side. I can hardly wait to see it all put together, but it’s good to be able to see the details close up as they grow.

  5. jenclair says:

    Looking good! Amazing what can be done to make stitching look life-like!

  6. Terrie says:

    Really special textures and colours.

  7. Lin says:

    A neat addition. xx

  8. Carolyn Foley says:

    Love the colours.

  9. Susan says:

    I didn’t quite get how it was going to work until I saw the post after, and now I realize just how clever a stitcher you are. =) That is amazing!