A Wedding Gift



It pays to be as organised as possible when you are dealing with weddings, but I’ve not been very organised in general this year. That said, not knowing what sort of things our friends’ combined taste would run to until two months before the wedding was rather a handicap. In the end, we bought something from the list and then I decided to do a little something extra.

Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings

I’ve made a set of coasters and napkin rings in felt, in colours that should work with the crockery they’ve chosen, although they aren’t the same. The two layers of felt are bonded and then blanket stitched together using a vintage silk thread that just happened to work rather well.

And the embellishment is made using tiny sequin-like beads made of shell.



And what is the embellishment, I hear you ask? What else, I hear myself reply, but the initials of our friends’ given names in Morse Code. Fortunately the letters in question are both symmetrical and palindromic, so they work in whatever orientation they are placed. The coasters have each initial twice, in opposite corners, and the napkin rings once each.



As old friends, they know of my proclivities for using Morse Code, so, lest they be disappointed, I have signed each coaster on the back with my initials in Morse Code.



  1. Lady Fi says:

    Lovely wedding gift and how creative to sign off with Morse Code!

  2. A brilliant idea, and very, very Rachel! 🙂 ♡

  3. What a clever idea for a very personal wedding gift!

  4. jenclair says:

    Something that will always be associated with you and their wedding in the best possible way. Love the Morse Code signature!

  5. A lovely wedding present – and I like your Morse code!

  6. Carolyn Foley says:

    They are lovely and the personal touches will make them special. Your friends will think of you everytime they use them.

  7. I love the Morse code 😂😂😂!

  8. Dima says:

    Very cool idea signing with morse code.

  9. Catherine says:

    What a great and thoughtful gift! I love your addition of Morse code.

  10. Alex Hall says:

    Lovely soft colours and the Morse Code is a fabulous hidden touch!

  11. Sue Jones says:

    I’m sure the recipients will be delighted with this set: sImple and subtle.
    I like your Morse Code initials – such a clever idea. (I used to find the electrical colour code very handy for reminding myself of PIN numbers – I had three PINs coded in coloured beads on a keyring.)

  12. Meredithe says:

    Aren’t you clever! A lovely gift.

  13. Lin says:

    What lovely personal gifts. xx

  14. Such a lovely personal touch, and with your Morse code “signature” it really says “Rachel” in so many ways! I’m sure your gift will be much treasured!
    Barbara x

  15. Sheryl says:

    What a lovely idea, the coasters and napkin rings are original and personal. perfect.

  16. Terrie says:

    Rachel, you’re so thoughtful and such a beautiful set of wedding gift.

  17. Karen says: