Further investigations on the Spot Sampler

Guilloche In Different Threads

Guilloche In Different Threads

The central veins of the leaves here are in Guilloche Stitch, and in one case I have have used the “imitation silver” thread and in the other case, one of the other, very fine silver threads. This shows – if we needed it pointed out, at this stage – that all metal threads are not created equal. We tend to think of silver and gold as being unchanging colours, but in fact you’ve only to look at jewellery to realise that there are many colours of gold (or in this case, silver). The threads are slightly different weights, as well, but one is clearly a brighter colour than the other.

Cross Interlacing Stitch

Cross Interlacing Stitch

I loved the diagonal cross shaped interlacing stitch. I can’t for the life of me think what I would do with it (something with a Celtic theme, perhaps?), but I loved working it, and like all these interlacing stitches, it looks harder than it is. That’s the right way around. Satin Stitch looks easy, but neat, smooth satin stitch is really only possible to the experienced embroiderer!

Once the foundation is correct, it is obvious where the interlacing threads need to go over and where under, and then hey presto! one fabulous, dazzling, interlaced spot.

Plaited Braid And Circle Interlacing Stitch

Plaited Braid And Circle Interlacing Stitch

You may recall that the plaited braid stitch was one of the reasons I wanted to do the course. My post about tackling it mentioned that I felt I was beginning to get to grips with it, and would be able to pick it up in future if or when I wanted to. So this was my first test of that confidence.

And yes, nailed it! I did have to unpick my first attempt, and I decided that the backstitch was rather hindering my efforts, but I really think that I can count this as a stitch I can take on whenever I want to!

The circle interlacing stitch is another of those wonderful, easier-than-it-looks stitches, and would make a great oversized “sequin” if one wanted to play with scales of stitches and design elements.


  1. coral-seas says:

    Congratulations on cracking PBS. Isn’t it satisfying when you finally nail something!

    I like how all the little gold work spots and stripes look on the silk motifs.

  2. Penny B says:

    Hi Rachel…just been catching up on your posts. With the kids visiting haven’t had a chance…and I see I’ve missed a lot. I just love the cross and the circle in particular. Must go and look through my books see if I can find them!

  3. Susan says:

    Oh my! You are stitching so beautifully. You’re inspiring me to tackle that huge pile of goldwork information. It’s really really lovely. Congratulations…and yes, you are nailing it!!!

  4. You certainly have nailed it – wrapped it up and packaged it too!

    They all look stunning but the Guilloche stitch is my favourite – I love the green leaves.

  5. Elmsley Rose says:

    Yay about PBS!!!!!!! and all the other stitches look wonderful!!!

  6. Anita says:

    Hi Rachel!
    Your plaited braid stitch looks so…. perfect ! Both the interlacing stitches looks great.
    I’m used to stitching the interlacing stitches in cotton and silk threads in Kutch embroidery.After looking at your sampler and wonderful stitching I think I should try it with gold and silver threads.Thanks for inspiring me to try something new.

  7. I’m really enjoying seeing all these different stitches – I must try to fit some embroidery into my week (give up sleeping perhaps!).

  8. I love that plaited braid stitch and the difference between the silver threads really stands out.

  9. Janice says:

    I really like the two interlaced stitches, and the plaited braide looks to me that it would make a perfect palm tree trunk in a tiny golden Egyptian scene.

  10. Lady Fi says:

    Wow – I do like the sliver stitches… they really stand out.

  11. That second one is my favourite – it reminds me of celtic knotwork, which I’ve always loved 🙂

  12. karen says:

    I love, love, love your goldwork….as for shades of gold…there are zillions of shades of white too.

  13. Alex says:

    The goldwork stitches are looking more and more confident the more you do. The interlacing is particularly lovely and your comment about the satin stitch, spot on!

  14. deanna7trees says:

    oh…i just love your braid and circle interlacing stitch.