Tudor and Stuart Masterclass – Month Seventeen

Eight Sided Interlacing And Josephina Knot

Eight Sided Interlacing And Josephina Knot

Month Seventeen’s stitches were Eight Sided Interlacing Stitch, and the Josephina Knot. I rather enjoyed them, too – they’re both very ornamental indeed!

The Eight Sided Stitch is less scary than you might expect on first sight, although I was slightly surprised to realise that the foundation layer interlaced in the direction contrary to the one I expected.

It will be more exciting at the smaller size on the real sampler, but I feel that I understand the structure, at least, and that is the important point, at this stage.

Josephina Knot in Pearl Cotton

Josephina Knot in Pearl Cotton

However, if you look at the gold Josephina Knot in the top picture, you will see that I didn’t quite get the hang of that one…

This pearl cotton version shows what I was aiming for. It’s a really lovely ornamental spot stitch, with a slightly Celtic feel to it. However, if the interlacing goes wrong at any point during the working, it is very hard to recover – and not always easy to see before you’ve finished, either.

I made extensive use, for these stitches, of a belated birthday present from Elmsley Rose – a set of bone needlework awls/stilettos. I have a steel laying tool, but it’s so sharp that it’s not a good tool for coaxing threads into place. My birthday presents were just perfect – Thank You, Megan!


  1. I like those stitches, they look really great!=)

  2. Penny says:

    This is lovely. I especially like it in the perle cotton – very rich and textured.

  3. Lady Fi says:

    Lovely stitches!

  4. Super stitches – I haven’t seen either of these before.

  5. Elmsley Rose says:

    Yay! The awls came in useful!-+*- -:-)

    The punctuation is courtesy of Jasper saying Hi Lady Rachel…..

    Both the stitches look great – and I love the knot done in pearl cotton. More ‘full’ than with gold, although I suppose a very small one would fill up,

  6. Action Ma'am says:

    These really do look fun! I particularly like the knot. The structure looks quite fearsome in pearl cotton but is much easier to follow in gold.

  7. karen says:

    I love the knot! Can’t see anything wrong with the top one and to me it looks like a very expensive wedding ring!

  8. Janice says:

    I love both these stitches. Really like the Celtic feel to the Josephina knot.
    …Month 17…? Is this a degree course?!

  9. oh my your stitches put me to shame – they are beautiful

  10. Alex says:

    Love the Josephina knot – even more so in the perle.

  11. Anita says:

    Hi Rachael,
    The Josephina knot in perle is looking good.We refer the 8 sided interlacing stitch as octagon kutch stitch,only difference is the interlacing should fill the entire shape.I found your blog only recently,so got to read all the 16 month posts.

  12. Susan says:

    LOVE both of those stitches! I’ve got to get my goldwork on!!!!

  13. coral-seas says:

    Love the Josephina Knot! Month 17! Every time you blog your progress on this course I grimace, I STILL have not even started. Worse, I have signed up for the Cabinet of Curiousities now!

    Your sample in perle is very impressive.

  14. Both the stitches are new to me..loved the Josephina knot..

  15. Rachel at last I got the stitch correctly..thanks for your tip..