Tudor and Stuart Goldwork Masterclass – Month Sixteen

Four Sided Interlacing Stitch

Four Sided Interlacing Stitch

The stitches for Month Sixteen are stitches that create prominent large “spots” of intricate pattern. They are simple enough in concept – there is a foundation of straight stitches, and an interlaced pattern worked around the foundation. Naturally, the actual working of the stitch proves to be less than entirely straightforward.  I try to vary the scale of the stitches I work on my practice cloth, but in the case of Four Sided Interlacing Stitch when I was trying to work it as a counted stitch, the only variations I could create successfully were “Huge” and “Tiny”. At the smaller scale shown there is really little point in using an interlacing stitch like this, and one might more sensibly choose something a little simpler to work. At the large size, the effect of the metal thread is diluted by the background fabric.

Diagonal Four Sided Interlacing Stitch

Diagonal Four Sided Interlacing Stitch

In the case of Diagonal Four Sided Interlacing Stitch my two different scales worked slightly better.

I know, by the way, that in the case of one of these stitches, I made a mistake in the foundation layer which lead to a further mistake in the interlacing. I can’t find it now, and I’m going to be intrigued to see how often I get these stitches right, when I start working them on the sampler itself!


  1. coral-seas says:

    You are on month sixteen and I STILL haven’t even started mine!

    Do you feel more confident handling the metallic threads now? Your stitches look more relaxed to me (relaxed as in less strained rather than relaxed as in sloppy :-))

    I like the interlaced stitches. When you say ‘huge’, how big are we talking? I looks like you have done the stitch over 8 threads which must still be pretty small.

  2. Elmsley Rose says:

    I think maybe the small 4 sided interlaced stitch might make for an interesting French Knot highlight, maybe in couching work in the spaces? Maybe with tambour thread?

  3. Penny says:

    This is such a lovely, intricate stitch. I think it is one my favorites!

  4. I like those interlacing stitches, very effective.

  5. Melita says:

    Your technique looks great on all sizes. I really like that stitch.

  6. Action Ma'am says:

    I think these are my favourites so far. I agree with coral-seas, the sense of confidence with these stitches struck me the moment I saw them.

  7. Lady Fi says:

    So complex and yet beautiful!

  8. karen says:

    these are fantastic. I know how hard it is to stitch with this gold thread.

  9. Janice says:

    I can see the tiny stitch working well as decoration on an officer’s uniform in a design – that sort of thing. I really like these stitches, especially the diagonal version which somehow look cleaner than the other.