A Canvaswork Koala

Canvaswork Koala

Canvaswork Koala

In fact this is worked on linen, but using canvaswork stitches. I was playing with some needlepoint charting software, in particular to find out how the stitches appeared on the chart and how easy it was to follow. I can’t remember where the Koala came from, whether he was originally in counted cross stitch or whether he was imported from a drawing. It is quite a simple design with relatively little modelling, and I’ve always been rather fond of it.

I used waste canvas to give me the stitch placement, and then simply worked the design according to the chart. The Koala himself is worked in straight stitches using stranded cotton, all six strands separated and made to lie side by side; the tree branch he is clinging to is worked in two shades of pearl cotton, using upright cross stitch (one of my favourites, as you know by now!), and the green frame of Algerian Eye stitches is worked in one of the Wildflowers threads from Caron Collection.

The embroidery has survived much better than the fabric it was stitched on. Originally I made a cushion cover, but the linen was already old before I started and now has holes in it. I’m going to do something with the Koala (suggestions please!) and then the rest will probably go into a rag rug…


  1. Action Ma'am says:

    See Austrailian Wildlife 15 Feb – could you aplique him into one of the projects you develop from your photos? Or tuck him in among the eucaliptus leaves on the dining room curtains?

  2. Janice says:

    He’s sweet! If your husband has a backpack you could stitch him on the flap! Or if he has a Kindle you could incorporate it into a protective cover. Or indeed for yourself, but was just thinking of national pride etc.

  3. He would look good appliqued onto another item, like a laptop cover ot something. Depends on the size and the type of bag you would make. (He is cute.)

  4. karen says:

    make him into a needle case??

  5. Lady Fi says:

    OH, he is just adorable! Maybe you could sew him onto the pocket of some jeans?

  6. Susan says:

    He’s really cute! He’ll land where he’s supposed to when the time is right…