Stitching The Persian Fantasy – Three

Waterfall from the crag

The Waterfall from the crag

I tried very hard to get a photo that does  justice to the waterfall here, because it is another example of what I mentioned when I was discussing the gazelle, but I’ve not succeeded very well, I’m afraid.

The interesting point about the waterfall is that it looks like a trivial piece of design – just a few lines – and yet when I came to embroider it, I realised that it would be spoilt if I added “watery” effects with sparkling thread or metallics. I ended up stitching it very simply in stem stitch, using three colours of pearl cotton.

In real life (I wish I were better at photography!) this looks more like a waterfall than a few simple lines have any right to. I’ve looked at this panel over breakfast for ten years now, and I still can’t work out quite how the designer managed to do it!

Tree On A Crag

Tree On A Crag

This tree is a different matter. It doesn’t look much like a real tree, and it isn’t intended to. It is a purely decorative, “tree-ish” element of the design.

I’m coming to realise that the success of these panels rests partly on this balancing act, in which some of the elements look more realistic than others.

Something for us all to try, perhaps!

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  1. Lady Fi says:

    That waterfall is so delicate – like pearls!