Mounting the Two Amarna Princesses

Attaching Piece In The Thickness
Attaching Piece In The Thickness

I felt that the finishing technique for the Amarna Geese really worked, creating just the right impression of a fragment of fresco, so, after thinking it over a little more, I tackled the Princesses.

The depth of layering of the felts made it much easier to attach to the padded mount, although if I could only have found my curved needles, it might have been yet easier.

Princesses Mounted And Signed
Princesses Mounted And Signed

Again, I couldn’t bring myself to chop the princesses into bits. If I had thought of the display method to begin with, and created the piece with that in mind, I might have been able to do so, but as it is – they are so exquisite, I simply couldn’t do it!

Finally mounted, with the separate bits on the corners. They look just the way I hoped they would!

8 thoughts on “Mounting the Two Amarna Princesses

  1. The bright yellow mounting really makes them stand out naturally and makes the rugs and hangings read well. The princesses have so much character and life now they have a calm area to play off against. Another snippet of your Dreams that you can be truly proud of.

  2. I’m SO glad you didn’t chop them! This looks amazing, and the fragmentary nature of their background is plenty to suggest antiquity. The mounting is just wonderful. Sometime, when you are finished with all the Amarna pieces, I hope we can see a photo of the grouping. They belong together in an art museum!

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