Progress on the wreath

Raised Stem Stitch Band
Raised Stem Stitch Band

The last time I used Raised Stem Stitch Band, it was for the rim of the Crock of Gold, and it went around concentrically.

This time I wanted to create the twisting appearance of a rope frame, so there was a little trial and error involved in working out how to make it work. Here you can see that there are green sections (which will be under the wreath) and yellow sections with differing shades to help create the rope effect. It’s not the classical version that runs straight along the axis of the foundation stitches, but I think it has worked rather nicely! That’s a relief…

Rope And Wreath
Rope And Wreath

It is a little lumpy, perhaps, but the shades of thread do create some shaping in the rope section, and I think the wreath itself will help to enhance that.

You can begin to see that the weight of stitchery is making the fabric sag, in spite of the backing. It’s just as well I did back it!

On The Bridge
On The Bridge

Another close-up, this time to show Great Grandfather in his place on the bridge.

He’s tiny, of course, and many onlookers won’t even notice him. But he’s there, the one human element in the piece, standing for all the hundreds of thousands of men and women involved in the war effort, military and civilian alike.


12 thoughts on “Progress on the wreath

  1. The raised stem stitch band has worked wonderfully! Those different colours blend nicely, and you have created a great rope. I certainly hope people stop and see your Great grandfather! Or at least stop and wonder who the man is.

  2. The raised stem stitch looks beautiful. As usual I enjoyed reading about your progress on this project too Rachel.

  3. A neat wreath. I have never done raised stem. (Something else to put on my list of things to do one day…) You are clearly an expert at getting it even.

  4. Seeing it up close, the details are so well done. I’m glad you included that one human element, and that he stands for both your personal connection to the piece and for a general population connection to it. I’m quite interested in the raised stem stitch now and will have to research it, as I’d never heard of it before.

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